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ULTIMATE YSL LouLou Bag Guide & Review

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YSL LouLou Bag Review

The YSL LouLou bag was originally launched in early 2017, and has quickly become one of the most highly sought-after styles from the French fashion house. Named after LouLou de la Falaise – a close friend of Yves Saint Laurent, who then became a muse to the iconic designer. The Saint Laurent LouLou bag encapsulates the brand’s classic style, with a modern twist.

YSL LouLou Bag in Cinnamon Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Since its initial launch, YSL has re-imagined the LouLou bag in multiple colour ways, fabric options and a wide range of sizes. There truly is a LouLou for everyone!

Are you thinking about adding a YSL LouLou to your current bag collection, but not sure which one to go for? Here we discuss all things Saint Laurent LouLou!

YSL LouLou Size and Price Chart

The must-have Saint Laurent LouLou is available in various sizes, colours and leathers; there is one for everyone’s wardrobe. So, how much is the YSL LouLou?

YSL LouLou Small Bag Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Discover the full range of Saint Laurent LouLou bags with their dimensions, complete with a current price list. All prices were correct as of October 2022. See our blog YSL Price Increase 2022 for a full look at the before and after prices of the most popular YSL bags.

All prices refer to the classic leather variations of the bags, other fabrics will vary slightly in price.

  • LouLou Toy Strap Bag, £1225, $1850, 20 x 14 x 7.5 cm
  • LouLou Small Chain Bag, £1860, $2590, 23 x 17 x 9 cm
  • LouLou Medium Chain Bag, £2050, $2850, 32 x 22 x 12 cm
  • LouLou Large Chain Bag, £2200, $3100, 38 x 27 x 14 cm

YSL LouLou Toy

YSL LouLou Toy Bag Leather
YSL LouLou Toy Strap Bag

The smallest variation in the YSL LouLou bag range is the Toy. Although it is a compact bag, the Toy LouLou can fit all of your essentials comfortably, such as your phone, keys, cardholder and small make-up items; which makes it perfect for evenings out. Additionally, the bag has a secure zip-fastened internal pocket for added security and organisation.

Unlike the other LouLou bags, the Toy size features a fully adjustable and removable leather strap which is exclusive to this size variation. This variation can therefore be worn alone as a clutch, or another strap or chain could be added to alter the look of the bag completely.

YSL LouLou Small

YSL LouLou Bag in Cinnamon Suede Gold Hardware
YSL LouLou Small Bag

The Saint Laurent LouLou in the small size is perhaps the most popular of the range. This small size can work as an everyday bag if you tend to carry just the essentials and pack light! The bag can easily accommodate an iPhone, cardholder, small purses, and make-up items.

Unlike the toy size, the small size LouLou features a chain strap which allows the bag to be worn in multiple ways. The small LouLou can be worn with the double chain strap on the shoulder, or it can be adjusted to become a single strap bag, which can be worn comfortably crossbody.

Which is best, the Toy or the small size YSL LouLou? Although they appear similar in size, there are some subtle differences! Watch our video on the YSL LouLou Bag Toy Vs Small Size comparison, to see what fits inside and how to wear them.

YSL LouLou Medium

YSL LouLou Medium Bag in Storm Leather
YSL LouLou Medium Bag

Perhaps the most practical-sized YSL LouLou is the medium. A little larger than the small, the medium LouLou features the same chain shoulder strap and two central compartments which are separated by a zip pocket.

Due to its slightly larger dimensions, the medium-sized bag is ideal for day-to-day use. Not only can it be used for your daily essentials, but as it is a slightly roomier bag, it can also comfortably fit a small tablet or iPad. The medium-sized LouLou is the most functional size if you are looking for a bag that can easily transition from day to night.

YSL LouLou Large

YSL LouLou Large Bag Noir
YSL LouLou Large Bag

The largest variation available of the LouLou is the large. The incredibly roomy interior can comfortably fit all of the essentials previously mentioned, and much more! Alongside the small and medium sizes, the large LouLou also sits perfectly crossbody with the chain shoulder strap, which makes it incredibly practical.

The large YSL LouLou is an incredibly practical and functional size, and a laptop or iPad can comfortably fit in either of the internal compartments; making it a perfect bag for the daily commute!

What’s The Most Popular Size And Colour Of The YSL LouLou Bag?

As there is quite a difference between sizes of the bags in the LouLou range it can be hard to decide which is the best to go for. So which is the most popular size and colour way of the YSL LouLou bag?

Watch our video on the YSL LouLou Bag Toy Vs Small Size Comparison to find out which size is best.

The most popular variation of the LouLou bag is the black calfskin leather with gold hardware, in the size small. However, some of the other most popular colourways are nude and beige. YSL offers some amazing nude-tone leathers, which work for all seasons, and all occasions. Some of the favourites are dark beige, blanc vintage and greyish brown, which tend to be the most highly sought after.

YSL LouLou Camera Bag

YSL Lou Camera Bag In Quilted Suede And Smooth Leather
YSL Lou Camera Bag

Do you love the look of the YSL LouLou bag but have a slightly lower budget? Well, look no further than the Saint Laurent Lou camera bag! The Lou camera bag is a classic variation of the iconic LouLou. Crafted from the same supple calfskin you find on the LouLou shoulder bag, the camera bag features a long adjustable leather crossbody strap, removable leather tassel, and classic quilted design. Priced at £1100, the Lou camera bag is the perfect bag for day-to-night occasions.

YSL LouLou Bag Fabric Options

The YSL LouLou bag is not only available in multiple colourways but is also released in different fabric options. The most classic variation of the LouLou bag is crafted in luxurious calfskin leather, with the iconic “Y” quilted over the stitching. The classic calfskin leather is the best option when it comes to everyday use, as it is much more durable and hard-wearing than alternative leathers.

Available in beautifully soft suede, the YSL LouLou can really elevate any outfit by adding more depth and texture. However, due to the much more delicate nature of suede (especially in lighter colourways), it is not the most ideal fabric for everyday use as it tends to show wear much more quickly than alternative leathers.

Other fabric variations of the Saint Laurent LouLou include denim which is available in bleached lilac and classic blue. One of the more recent releases is the shearling option, which is perfect for autumn and winter. YSL also offers some more delicate fabric options, including satin and sequins. Although incredibly beautiful and luxurious, the satin and sequin bag is much more suited for special occasions rather than everyday use due to being so delicate.

Does the YSL LouLou Bag Scratch Easily?

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag In Dark Cherry
YSL LouLou Small Bag

So we have already discussed how incredibly practical and functional the LouLou bags truly are, however, is the YSL LouLou durable?
Although the calfskin leather used for the Saint Laurent LouLou isn’t grained, it surprisingly is still incredibly durable. Despite being a smooth finish leather, the bags tend to hold their shape and structure incredibly well, and show minimal wear and tear.

Is the YSL LouLou Bag Worth It?

Pricing for the YSL LouLou bag starts at £1225 for the Toy size and rises to £2200 for the large. When it comes to luxury handbags, the Saint Laurent LouLou has an excellent price point, for such a versatile and classic piece.

All size variations of the LouLou can be worn in multiple different ways, including crossbody, on the shoulder, or with the double chain strap; it really is an ideal everyday handbag. The design remains iconic to the YSL brand, yet can still elevate anyone’s style.
We discuss the ’13 Cheapest YSL Bags 2022’ in further detail in our dedicated blog post here.

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YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag In Y-Quilted Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Is the YSL LouLou A Classic Bag?

The LouLou bag is one of the most iconic styles available at YSL and has quickly become a modern classic. The sheer versatility and sophisticated design of the bag confirm that this is not a trend-led piece. We truly believe that the Saint Laurent LouLou is here to stay!

Where To Buy YSL LouLou Bag?

YSL Store Front

To purchase a YSL LouLou bag, you can either purchase it directly from Saint Laurent at a boutique or online.
However, if you are hoping to save a little bit of money on your purchase, we would recommend having a look at pre-owned YSL bags.

Where To Buy The YSL LouLou Bag Preloved

When it comes to shopping for a pre-owned YSL LouLou bag, we always recommend only shopping at resellers where you can benefit from their authentication services, such as:

We strongly recommend that when you purchase any pre-loved designer piece, you should always get it authenticated by a reputable authentication service for peace of mind and protection. You can find authentication services here.

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag Cinnamon
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Where to find YSL LouLou Serial Number

How can I authenticate my YSL bag? All authentic YSL feature serial numbers that correspond to when the bag was originally produced.
So where can I find the serial number on my YSL LouLou bag? You can find the serial number on a leather tab on the inside of the bag. This tends to be found attached to the lining and located near the internal zip pocket.

YSL LouLou Large Chain Bag In Greyish Brown
YSL LouLou Large Bag

Where To Find The YSL Loulou bag on Sale

Are you hoping to make a saving on your YSL purchase? Well, you may be in luck! 

Unlike some other luxury brands, Saint Laurent is readily available to purchase online, and through numerous luxury retailers. Therefore you can benefit from occasional discounts and sales on YSL bags at sites such as Rue La La in the US and Flannels in the UK. Additionally, luxury retailers such as Net-a-Porter offer new customers a discount on their first purchase. 

If you are hoping to make additional savings on your YSL LouLou purchase, you may find some discounted pieces available at Saint Laurent’s outlet boutique, which is located in Bicester Village Outlet. Here you can find discounted YSL bags, including the much loved LouLou, occasionally these outlets have additional discounts on specific days.

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