Are YSL Bags Worth It? What You NEED To Know

Are YSL Bags Worth It? What You NEED To Know

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You’re about to buy your DREAM YSL bag but you want to know that you’re purchasing with both your heart and your head. So, are YSL bags worth it? Let’s find out…

The world of luxury handbags has always been associated with exclusivity, superior quality, and hefty price tags. Whilst some designer brands and their bags are fantastic to invest in, others are less likely to retain their value in the long run.

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag In Y-Quilted Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Although the first Yves Saint Laurent collection dates back to 1961, it is hard to believe that the handbags were first popularised in the early 2000s, by the creative director at the time, Tom Ford. Now as one of the most iconic and established French fashion houses in the world, YSL is well known for its modern, sophisticated and elegant designs.

Saint Laurent has an incredibly versatile range of finely crafted handbags designed with the everyday woman in mind. The Sac de Jour and LouLou bags are now staples for any collector. Whilst the iCare maxi shopping tote remains the current ‘it bag’, and is currently being worn by countless celebrities and influencers across the globe. YSL truly has gained iconic status within the world of luxury.

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black Yves Saint Laurent
YSL iCare Maxi Bag

Despite the fact that Saint Laurent produces its handbags to an incredibly high standard, the price tags are significantly lower than those of other luxury fashion houses such as Chanel and Hermès. So are YSL bags worth purchasing? We explore whether or not investing in Saint Laurent is a good idea.

Are YSL Bags a good investment?

Saint Laurent produces a vast collection of handbags, and the majority of these tend to be classic designs rather than trend-led pieces. Does this mean that YSL bags are a good investment? Unfortunately, despite being timeless in design, Saint Laurent is not the best brand to invest in. However, this shouldn’t put you off!

Unlike other luxury brands, YSL handbags are readily available and can be purchased both online and in boutiques. Due to this reason, the customer demand rarely exceeds the supply of bags that YSL can produce, and therefore there is no real sense of exclusivity.

If you’re looking to make a luxury YSL purchase but want to start small on the price tag, watch our video on the 13 CHEAPEST YSL Bags of 2022.

As of late, YSL has been the center of attention within the fashion and handbag community due to their latest release, the Icare maxi shopping tote. Although there is an occasional ‘hot’ item from the brand such as the celebrity-endorsed Icare maxi, these handbags still don’t tend to be a fantastic investment in the long run due to availability factors. However, with handbags and fashion trends always coming and going, it is hard to know which bags and brands are actually worth investing your money in.

Overall, although they may not make a great financial investment, it cannot be overlooked that YSL bags are both classic and timeless, and can therefore remain in your wardrobe for a lifetime. See our blog post on ‘The 11 Best YSL Bags To Invest In’ to see which handbags hold their value. We still strongly believe that YSL bags can be a fantastic addition to any handbag collection, and are a great price point, especially if you are looking to purchase your first luxury piece.

Do YSL Bags Hold Their Value?

YSL Sunset Bag in Black Leather
YSL Sunset Medium Bag

When it comes to luxury shopping, Saint Laurent has a slightly different approach to other brands. Unlike super brands such as Chanel and Hermès, Saint Laurent’s bags can be easily purchased both online and in boutiques, without needing an established relationship with a sales associate. The value of handbags at YSL is significantly impacted due to this lack of exclusivity.

So do YSL bags hold their value? Simply put, no! Unfortunately, as these handbags are mass-produced and readily available, anyone can just purchase one brand new. Despite this, regular and consistent price increases at Saint Laurent can help classic bags such as the much-loved LouLou and Sac de Jour retain their value; particularly if it is a highly sought colourways. As a general rule, you do not tend to find YSL bags priced over retail on the secondary market.

Although price increases can sometimes help bags hold their original value, once again due to stock availability, the value of Saint Laurent bags can be impacted significantly. See our blog YSL Price Increase 2022 for a full look at the before and after prices of the most popular YSL bags.

YSL LouLou Medium Bag in Vert Fonce
YSL LouLou Medium Bag

You can often find pre-owned bags priced much less than retail on second-hand marketplaces. Therefore it can be incredibly beneficial to purchase YSL pre-loved as you can make some big savings!

Overall, although YSL handbags are not known for retaining their value, their amazing craftsmanship and much more reasonable pricing cannot be overlooked. We discuss the ’13 Cheapest YSL Bags’ in our dedicated blog post here.

When it comes to luxury handbags and fashion, Saint Laurent will continue to stand out from the crowd when it comes to designer bags; as they remain beautiful, timeless, and most importantly, attainable.

Where To Buy YSL Bags

So where is the best place to purchase YSL handbags? Generally speaking, the best place to purchase Saint Laurent is directly through their website or at your local boutique. All core collection pieces are available online, alongside seasonal pieces. Currently, you can pre-order the most highly anticipated releases.

YSL Store Front

Saint Laurent is also available to purchase from numerous online luxury retailers. There are some benefits from purchasing indirectly from YSL, including discount codes, new customer offers, and sales. We recommend shopping at Rue La La in the US and Flannels and Net-a-Porter in the UK.

However, if you are hoping to make some additional savings on your YSL bag, you may get lucky on the pre-loved market! As previously discussed, some of the most popular bag styles from Saint Laurent are often found for fantastic prices on online marketplaces such as:

When buying any pre-loved luxury handbag, we always suggest that you seek additional authentication from a professional authenticator for peace of mind and protection; You can find authentication services here.

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YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag Cinnamon
YSL LouLou Small Bag

If shopping pre-loved isn’t your thing, you could visit the Saint Laurent outlet boutique, which is located in the Bicester Village Outlets. Here you will find some amazing handbags and accessories, including classic designs and seasonal colourways, all at a discounted price.

At the end of the day, handbags should be purchased to be worn! We strongly believe that if you love a YSL bag, you should not be worried about it retaining value or being an investment piece. Instead, simply enjoy using your bag, and it’ll add a little bit of luxury to your day-to-day life!

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