How and Where to Sell Designer Bags Comparison List

Do you have Designer Bags to Sell?

Are you ready to find some new homes for some of your pre-loved designer bags? You’re in the right place. Here at Handbagholic we strongly support the sale of pre-loved luxury items to promote a circular economy, generate cash for sellers, and to unite people with the designer bag of their dreams.

How to Sell Designer Bags

There are three main ways to sell your designer bags:

  • The first is to sell the bag yourself using an online platform/marketplace such as eBay.
  • The second is to consign your luxury bag to a consignment service for them to do all the heavy lifting for you and gain access to their loyal customers.
  • The Third is to sell to a company for cash. This generally consists of sending images of your bag and the company will give you a quotation for what they’ve be willing to pay for the bag.

We’ll be discussing the options for both ways to sell designer bags below, and highlight some of the best places to sell your pre-loved luxury and the best places to consign them to.

The Best Place to Sell Designer Bags

If you’re looking to get as much cashback as you can on your designer bag purchase and don’t mind doing some leg work, selling your designer handbag yourself is a good option. By selling your unwanted designer bag on a marketplace yourself you have to do more of the work, however, which includes:

  • Set up a new seller account if you have never sold on a platform before
  • Taking good images of the bag
  • Writing an accurate and appealing description
  • Answering questions potential customers have
  • Posting the bag once it has sold

If you’re new to selling on a marketplace such as eBay, you may also be limited to the number of products you can sell, and the price you sell them at when the account is brand new. If you have no plans to continue selling on the account, a consignment service may be a better option for you to sell your designer bags (more info below).

If you’re comfortable listing your own products however, selling an item yourself gives you more control. The item will stay in your possession until it sells, and you can help sway customers into a sale with more images and great contact.

Top Tip: If you’re unsure about the authenticity of your designer bag, don’t list it on a market place. Doing so could be an infringement of copyright and a criminal act. Use a reputable authentication service to authenticate your handbag before selling, then you can sell it with an authenticity certificate. An authenticity certificate will help your customers to trust you, the bag’s authenticity, and demand a higher sale price – Win-Win.

Where to Sell Pre-Loved Designer Bags

So, you’ve decided you want to sell your bag yourself, here are some of the best places to sell your designer bag online that leave you in control of your images, customer responses and setting the sale price.

The Best Places to Sell Designer Bags Online

Now let’s take a look at online platforms that already have thousands, if not millions of customers worldwide. Selling via an online marketplace gives you access to customers already searching for your designer bag.

Online MarketplaceFeesCountryOther Notes
eBay10%Worldwide– Has an easy Global Shipping program
Vestiaire Collective20% +Worldwide
Tradesy20%United States – Option to ship Worldwide

The Best Companies to Sell Designer Bags Quickly, for Cash

Are you looking to avoid the sale process altogether and sell directly to a reputable service for cash? Then look no further than the incredible brands below. It is worth noting that these companies will sell your bag on their platforms once they’ve purchased it from there – therefore, this way of selling is the best way to make quick cash, but it won’t make you the most cash.

It’s also worth noting, some companies only deal with selected designer brands and there’s no guarantee that they’ll make you can offer.

RebagUnited StatesSubmit Images for Quote
Collector SquareParis, EU

Designer Bag Consignment

What is handbag / luxury consignment?

Do you want to sell your designer bag without all the hassle? We don’t blame you – using a reputable consignment service can be a great way to save time and energy. Consignment is where you hand over your pre-loved designer bags to a company, they then take over the process of selling and promoting the bag on your behalf. It’s worth noting, however, that consignment rules will be different for each company. Things that will differ when you consign your designer bag:

  • You will not get the money from your bag until it has sold and enough time has been allowed for returns
  • The consignment service take a % from the sale
  • There may be a flat fee just for the consignment service to take your bag and start promoting it
  • If your bag fails to sell, you need to speak to the service to agree on a new sale price, or take the bag back
  • You may be required to let the consignment service sell the bag for a set period of time, meaning, you can’t opt-out during this time if you change your mind
  • You normally don’t have access to the item whilst it’s being sold by a consignment service
  • Take note of where the service is based in the world, as you’ll be responsible for getting the bag to the consignment service and the postage fees.

The Best Luxury Bag Consignment Services

So, you’ve decided you want to consign your designer bag over to a reputable consignment service to save all the hassle of selling yourself. We don’t blame you! So the help with this process, we’ve pulled together a list of the best luxury bag consignment services.

If you’d like to feature your consignment service on this page or recommend one, please contact us. Only reputable consignment services with a good standing history will be added to this page at our discretion.

Consignment ServiceFeesCountryOther Notes
Naughti Pidgins Nest10% for £3,00,
15% for £1,001 to £3,000
20% from £301 to £1,000
United Kingdom– Loyal Customers
– Very Experienced
– Friendly Service
Handbag Clinic20% of Sale Approx.United Kingdom
Yoogi’s Closet30% Of SaleUnited States– Keep sale money even if bag is returned
– Great packaging
The RealReal15% of Sale Approx.United States– Free UPS Pickups
– Millions of Shoppers
Fashionphile30% of SaleUnited States– Drop off at store or mail-in
Luxury Garage Sale20-55% of SaleUnited States– Commission rate drops as the sale prices increases
The Luxury Closet20-35% of Sale
+ $25 Flat Fee
Dubai– Delivery Globally
– 90 Day lock-in and 180 days outside of EU

We hope that you’ve found this page helpful in defining how you want to sell your pre-loved designer bags, and helped you to find the perfect service for you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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