How To Get YSL Bags For Cheap

How To Get YSL Bags For Cheap

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With the latest price increase from Saint Laurent, you’re probably wondering how to get YSL bags for cheap.

Sadly, it seems like no matter which brand you’re interested in, there’s likely been a price increase – and a steep one at that. Yves Saint Laurent increased their prices in May (see our price increase blog to learn more), but even still, the brand decided to do so yet again in November(1,2). Feel free to join us in a collective sigh.

YSL Sunset Bag in Black Leather
YSL Sunset Bag

Although our hearts are breaking – and our credit cards are crying – at the significantly higher prices of Saint Laurent bags, fear not. We’ve done the research for you, and have found the best places to get a YSL bag for cheap (well, cheaper!).

How to Get YSL Bags for Cheap

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually buy YSL bags for the dictionary’s definition of ‘cheap’? Yes. Yes, it would! Although that isn’t a possibility, it is still possible to get a YSL bag for a cheaper-than-retail price.

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One way to purchase a Saint Laurent bag at a discounted price is to wait for the brand to have a sale. If you are a VIP client, you will be invited to shop at private sales. If you are a more casual client, then you will be able to get a YSL bag for a cheaper price during the brand’s Winter sale (usually in December) or Summer sale (usually in June).

Department stores and online retailers that carry Saint Laurent bags (Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Luisa via Roma, My Theresa, Farfetch) occasionally discount YSL bags. Typically, the bags that are discounted are seasonal bags, or classic bags in seasonal colours. So, if you have your heart set on a classic YSL bag or item, waiting for a sale might not help.

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However, many of these department stores and online retailers offer private and special promotions (i.e., discounts and/or sales) for first-time customers, email-list subscribers, or for spending a certain amount per transaction or per year. As always, a great way to purchase a bag for a lower price is through the pre-loved market.

YSL Kate Medium Chain Bag In Grain De Poudre Embossed Leather
YSL Kate Bag

But, if you are looking to buy a brand-new YSL bag, then there is another way to do so…and following this method will help you to secure your dream Saint Laurent bag at a cheaper price.

If you live in the US, for example, then a great way to get a Saint Laurent bag for a discount is by ordering from an online retailer that is NOT based in the US, but will ship to the US.

How does this work, exactly? Let us tell you! First, do not shop from YSL directly – order from an authorized seller or third-party (e.g., Selfridges, Harrods, Farfetch, Net-a-Porter), since the prices from these retailers might be lower than those listed on the official Saint Laurent website. Next, make sure to change the country and currency to that of a (former) European country (e.g., UK and Pounds, or France and Euros).

YSL LouLou Medium Bag in Vert Fonce
YSL LouLou Medium Bag

Why do this? Because bags from European brands are cheaper in European countries(5,6)! If you were to purchase a bag from your own country and in your own currency, you’ll notice that the price is higher; which is due to import and duty taxes that must be paid in order to bring products into the country(5,6,7). So, make sure to change the country and currency if you want to get that Saint Laurent bag at a discounted price!

Depending on which retailer you order your YSL bag from – and how much you spend – you may or may not have to pay for shipping to your country (i.e., some retailers offer free international shipping with a minimum spend of $100, while other retailers offer free shipping with a minimum spend of $500; and of course, some retailers never offer free international shipping).

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag In Y-Quilted Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

It’s also worth noting that European retailers have taxes (e.g., VAT) already built into the cost of the item(7)…meaning there likely won’t be any financial surprises once your bag arrives at your door.

However, you do need to consider the trade agreement between your country and the country you are ordering from, as well as the country that makes the bag. If your country does not have a free trade agreement with these countries, then you may have to pay an additional duty before that YSL bag’s arrival to your door, or upon delivery; and you may also have to pay if the bag you order is above a certain price (8,9,10).

To know if you will be buying your YSL bag for a cheaper price, make sure you convert the final amount back into your local currency. If you can save a lot of money on the bag once you convert the final cost into your currency, then any additional duty will likely still allow you to buy a YSL bag for a much cheaper price!

Cheapest Countries to Buy YSL Bags

YSL Store Front

One of the best parts about traveling is the shopping! While it’s fun (and educational) to explore new countries, cities, cultures, and foods, it’s equally as pleasurable to go shopping…especially since shopping in other countries can amount to some great savings! So, then where is the cheapest place to buy YSL bags? We’ll let you know below!

Are YSL Bags Cheaper in Europe?

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black Yves Saint Laurent
YSL iCare Maxi Bag

Whether you are shopping online or in-person, if you’re asking yourself ‘where to buy YSL bags cheapest?’, then the answer is simple: Europe. Why? Well, because not only is Saint Laurent a European brand, but the bags are also made in European countries.

As discussed above, European brands that make their products in Europe will cost less…but only in Europe. Thus, YSL bags are cheaper in Europe compared to the UK, US, Canada, and other countries because they do not need to be imported anywhere. When Saint Laurent bags are sent to other countries, the retailers selling those bags have to pay to bring them to those countries, which includes things such as taxes and duties, and import and transportation fees.

YSL Lou Camera Bag

These extra fees – which are initially owed by the retailers – then become the responsibility of the consumers, which we pay for through higher-priced bags.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a new YSL bag, then the cheapest place to buy one would be Europe.

Cheap YSL Bags: UK

Thanks to Brexit, UK consumers may pay up to 50% more than consumers in the EU, for the same item. This means that unfortunately, Saint Laurent bags are not cheaper in the UK compared to Europe.

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black
YSL iCare Maxi

As an example, let’s look at the Icare Maxi Shopping bag. In France, the bag retails for 3,900€; while in the UK, it is priced at £3,620. Across the pond in the US, Saint Laurent has priced the Icare at $4,900, while it costs $5,920 in Canada.

Now, let’s convert these prices to US dollars:
3,900€ = $4,061.65 USD
£3,620 = $4,376.94 USD
$5,920 CDN = $4,417.42 USD

From these conversions, it’s clear that the cheapest place to buy a YSL bag is still Europe. However, buying a YSL bag in the UK is still cheaper in comparison to both the US and Canada.

YSL Bag Outlet Stores

Come with me LUXURY shopping at Bicester Village including discounted YSL, Gucci, and Prada.

If you have your heart set on buying a Saint Laurent bag in person, but are looking for the best deal, then you do have another option: Outlet stores.

That’s right. YSL outlets exist! Whether you live in Canada, the US, or the UK, you can shop at a Saint Laurent outlet store.

Although you won’t find current-season or classic bags at a discount, the outlet store will still allow you to buy a YSL bag for a cheaper-than-retail price – but only if you keep an open mind, product-wise. Remember: Outlet stores exist to help companies move their unsold and past-season merchandise.

YSL Kate Small Chain Bag Blanc Vintage
YSL Kate Bag

So, at a Saint Laurent outlet, you will be able to shop a selection of out-of-season bags (i.e., seasonal styles, seasonal colours, and seasonal fabrics). You might be able to find some classic pieces; however, those bags will only be available in seasonal colours and fabrics. If non-classic colours and fabrics are of interest to you, then shopping at an outlet is a great way to buy a YSL bag for a much cheaper price.

As discussed above, the cheapest place to purchase a Saint Laurent bag is in Europe. However, if you live in the UK (or are visiting the UK), then the best place to buy a YSL bag for a cheaper-than-retail price is at the outlet store. For those of you in the UK, you’ll want to visit the Saint Laurent outlet in Bicester Village.

Cheapest Place to Buy Used YSL Bags

YSL LouLou Toy Bag Leather
YSL LouLou Toy Bag

Another option to save some money when it comes to purchasing a Saint Laurent bag is to buy one pre-loved.

Cheap YSL Bags: eBay

Purchasing a used YSL bag is a great way to add a luxury bag to your collection. Finding the best deal, however, can be a difficult task. So, where is the cheapest place to buy a used YSL bag? The answer to that would be eBay.

Most people probably associate shopping on eBay with buying something that is out-of-season (or vintage pieces). But, this is simply not the case. Shopping on eBay will not only allow you to find a Saint Laurent bag for a lower price compared to the boutique, but you will also be able to find items that are from the current season.

YSL LouLou Bag in Cinnamon Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Yep! Many sellers on eBay bought a brand-new Saint Laurent bag and then decided it wasn’t for them but were unable to return it to the store. That situation becomes helpful to you, as you will now be able to buy a brand-new YSL bag for a much cheaper price.

eBay also offers an Authenticity Guarantee for luxury handbags, as well as buyer protection (just in case).

There are more options when it comes to shopping for a pre-loved YSL bag online other than eBay. Here’s a list of some of our favorite online retailers:

We always recommend having your bags and pre-loved items authenticated by a third-party to guarantee authenticity, you can find our recommended authentication services here.

What Are the Cheapest YSL Bags?

YSL LouLou Small Bag Suede
YSL LouLou Bag

If you’re in the market for a brand-new bag but are looking for something that has a more reasonable price tag, then you might be wondering which Saint Laurent bags cost the least amount of money.

While cheap authentic YSL bags don’t truly exist, not all bags at Saint Laurent cost an arm and a leg. The brand does offer some items at a lower price point.

We’ve done the work for you and have put together a short list of the cheapest YSL bags (relative to their very expensive bags!).

YSL City Backpack (Style ID: 534967GIV3F1000):

YSL City Backpack Bag
YSL City Backpack Bag

Everyone loves a good backpack! They are great for carrying larger items; and, in comparison to a tote bag, can really help take a load off of your shoulder if you are carrying heavy items – especially if you are intending to use this bag for a long time. This Saint Laurent backpack is made with canvas, nylon, and leather detailing. Although it is a simple backpack, it is sure to be a classic piece in your collection…and it won’t (completely) break the bank. The City Backpack is one of the cheapest YSL bags that you can purchase, and it retails for: $1,190 USD, $1,440 CDN, and £830(18, 19, 20).

Shopping Saint Laurent E/W Tote (Style ID: 600281CSV0J1112):

YSL Shopping Saint Laurent EW Tote
YSL Shopping Tote

Another more reasonably priced option from YSL is the East/West Shopping Tote. This unstructured tote is made from gorgeous, supple leather; and is available in 10 different colours. Saint Laurent’s East/West Tote is a great day bag, as it is roomy enough to hold more than just your essentials. Included with the bag are fun little extras, such as a YSL metal charm (which is housed in a removable leather clochette), as well as a removable zippered pouch. A quality-made leather tote bag is a staple piece for your wardrobe. The Shopping Saint Laurent E/W Tote is one of YSL’s more cheaply priced bags, and it can be purchased for: $1,450 USD, $1,755 CDN, and £1,025(21,22,23).

Our final choice is the Rive Gauche Tote (Style ID: 617481FAABR9054):

YSL Rive Gauche Tote Bag
YSL Rive Gauche Tote Bag

A favourite among celebrities and influencers since its release, Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche Tote is an easy-to-style bag that is the epitome of cool. Made of cotton and linen, the Rive Gauche is finished off with dark leather handles. One of the best features of this bag is the snap closures, which adds a level of security to your bag; and this is not a feature typically seen on tote bags. The very best thing about this bag is the price point. Compared to other Saint Laurent bags – as well as other designer tote bags (i.e., the Dior Book Tote) – the Rive Gauche is much more affordable. The price for this bag is: $1790 USD, $2,165 CAD, and £1,255(24,25,26).

Alternatively for those who love black bags, this version of the Rive Gauche Tote can be yours for an additional $100 making the price for this bag $1890.

YSL Rive Gauche Tote Bag In Leather and Linen
YSL Rive Gauche Tote Bag

Although we only chose 3 bags, there are many other YSL bags that can be considered cheap (when it comes to luxury bags). If you would like to know more about these bags – and we know you do! – check out our other blog, where we list the 13 cheapest YSL bags.

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