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How To Get A Hermes Quota Bag And Which Bags They Are

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What is a Hermes Quota bag, how do I get one, and which bags are even quota bags? So many questions, fortunately, we have all the answers for you within this blog.

It is said that you have to spend money to make money. We know this to be true in so many ways, especially with respect to building a business. However, for those of us who love to shop, our return on investment typically looks a lot different. For us, shoppers, if we are brand-loyal and spend a lot of money at a specific store, we like to be rewarded with free samples, extra points, special sales, and company gifts.

Hermes Vintage Kelly 32 Bag

But, when it comes to shopping at Hermès, the opposite is true: We have to spend money…to spend even more money. Yep, that’s right. If, like us, you have any desire to add an Hermès quota bag to your closet, you’re going to have to part with lots of your hard-earned cash. Or…will you? If you want to know how to get an Hermès quota bag (and which bags they are), keep reading, because we have the scoop!

What is a Hermès Quota Bag?

If you’re new to the brand, you might be noticing that you’re hearing the term ‘quota bag’ a lot. What does that mean? What is a Hermès quota bag?

At Hermès, a quota bag is a special and hard to get bag that is only offered to you after you spend a certain amount of money on other Hermès products. Once you reach or surpass a specific spend threshold, you are seen as ‘hitting a quota’. In essence, once you’ve hit this quota – which is achieved through buying other Hermès items – you will then be offered the chance to purchase one of these special bags.

Hermes Birkin in Display Case

Which Hermès Bags are Considered Quota Bags?

If you’ve been planning to add a Hermès bag to your wardrobe, we might be about to break your heart. As we mentioned, some Hermès bags are considered quota bags, and thus, are only offered and sold to customers after hitting a specific spend threshold.

Hermès offers a variety of items, including small leather goods and bags, so there are many styles of bags that you can buy with ease. However, there are 3 bags that fall under the ‘quota bag’ category.

So, which 3 Hermès bags are considered to be ‘quota bags’, you ask?

Hermès Quota System

Hermes Birkin 35 Crocodile Brown

What exactly is the Hermès quota system? The quota system is simply the company’s way of monitoring its customers. After creating your Hermès wish list with your SA, your wish list has to be approved by the store’s director. This approval is based on your spending history and your relationship with the store. Once your wish list has been approved, it is added to your profile.

When a quota bag matching your wish list comes into the store, it may or may not be offered to you. Again, this is dependent on the factors listed above (as well as some others that we discussed in our Hermes Wish List blog here).

If you are offered a quota bag and purchase it, this is noted on your account. Your profile gets updated not only to provide the store with information about what you bought and how much you have spent in the store but it is updated to let the company know how many quota bags you have purchased given a specific time frame.

Hermes Kelly Classique To Go Wallet

Why does Hermès want to know how many quota bags I have purchased? Because unfortunately, there is a limit to how many quota bags you are allowed to purchase in any given year.

2024 Hermès Quota Bag List & Prices

Because Hermès bags are delicately handcrafted by one artisan using the best materials, they come with a pretty steep price tag. Further, Hermès does not publish their prices. Thus, we did our best to scour the web to find what we could in terms of pricing. Here’s a 2024 price list for you to look over:

Hermes Mini kelly Black Leather

Kelly Pochette, Swift leather: $6,060 USD
Kelly 25, Quadrille Toile/Swift Leather: $12,870 USD
Kelly 28, Togo Retourné: $10,600 USD
Kelly 28, Epsom Sellier: $11,200 USD, €9,100
Kelly 20, Epsom: €6,700
Mini Kelly 20, Epsom Sellier: €6,700

Hermes Constance 18 Bag Blue

Constance 18, Epsom Mirror: $9,050 USD
Constance 24, Matte Alligator with Alligator Buckle: $38,300
Constance To Go Wallet, Epsom: $5,850 USD
Constance To Go Wallet, Evercolor: $5,450 USD
Constance 18, Chèvre: €7,600
Constance 18, Epsom: €6,700
Constance 24, Epsom: €7,500

hermes birkin red grained leather

Birkin 25, Togo: €8,050
Birkin 30, Togo: €8,900
Birkin 30, Epsom: €8,750
Birkin 35, Togo: €9,850
Birkin 25, Sellier Epsom: €8,650
Birkin 25, Sellier Box: €11,900
Birkin 25, Matte Alligator: €39,000

How Many Hermès Quota Bags Can You Buy a Year?

Given the exclusive nature of the brand, Hermès limits the number of quota bags that can be purchased in a given year. So, just how many Hermès quota bags can you buy in a year?

A long and thorough search tells us that Hermès is only allowing their customers to purchase 1 quota bag per year! Based on the prices of these bags, this policy may not be an issue for many shoppers. However, many luxury lovers who can afford to purchase multiple bags in a year are not impressed by this decision.

Hermes Store

But don’t fret (just yet)! You may actually be able to purchase more than 1 quota bag per year! Despite the brand’s move to a global quota system (in which your profile and purchases can be tracked, globally), some SAs are more lenient than others and will allow you to purchase more than 1 quota bag. If you have a good relationship with your SA, this will definitely help you in your quest to purchase more than 1 quota bag per year.

Additionally, certain bags are not considered quota bags in all locations. For example, the Kelly Pochette is not normally considered a quota bag, unless it has been created with exotic skin. However, it has been treated as a quota bag in several locations, including Paris, since it has become more popular. So, not only is it important to have a good relationship with your SA, but it is also important to find out which bags are considered as quota bags at your local boutique.

Hermes Leather Luxury Bag

The other workaround is to become a VIP client. If you have a strong relationship with your SA and spend a lot of money in the store, then you will likely be deemed as a ‘VIP’ or ‘preferred’ client. If you are known to your SA and the store director as this type of client, the rules will typically be bent in your favour, and you will be able to purchase 2 quota bags per year.

Is the Birkin Bag a Quota Bag?

Yes, the Hermes Birkin bag is a quota bag. While the majority of people are not familiar with luxury bags – and likely could not name many designer bags – the same cannot be said about Hermès’ Birkin bag. Hermès’ Birkin bag, the 3rd and final quota bag, was designed by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984. The bag was created for, and named after, actress Jane Birkin. The bag created was a rectangular-shaped bag, complete with two handles. The spacious bag – meant to be a holdall – is rectangular in shape and has a flap-style opening, as well as two handles, two metal feet on the bottom, and is adorned with a lock and key.

Hermes Birkin 35 Blue Gold hardware

Is the Hermès Kelly Bag a Quota Bag?

Yes, a Hermes Kelly bag is considered a quota bag. As bag number 1 of 3, Hermès’ famous Kelly bag is a quota bag. With roots tracing back to both 1852 – during which the bag was designed to hold saddles, and was known as the HAC (Haut à Courroies) – and 1930 – during which the bag, known then as the Sac à Dépêches, was redesigned into one of luxury by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Émile-Maurice (the company’s president) – the bag was renamed the ‘Kelly’ in 1977, as a tribute to Grace Kelly, The Princess of Monaco.

During her time as an actress, Grace Kelly used the bag to hide her pregnancy while filming a movie, in 1955. As one of the fashion house’s most loved and recognized bags, it’s not difficult to understand why the Kelly is so hard to get!

Hermes Kelly 28 Leather

Is Constance a Quota Bag?

Yes and No. In some countries, this is still a quota bag, but at the end of 2023, it was announced some stores will no longer have a wishlist for a Constance bag making it a non-quota bag in some locations. With its flashy, H-shaped clasp, quota bag number 2 is none other than the Constance. According to Hermès, this boxy crossbody bag was introduced in 1967 (although some fashion websites have claimed it to be 1959). At the request of the brand’s Executive Chairman, Jean-Louis Dumas, a new bag was to be created for the fashion house.

A designer who worked in one of the company’s ateliers took this request to heart: Catherine Chaillet, a new mother of 5, designed this flap bag and named it after her newborn daughter, Constance. This sporty-yet-chic bag’s versatility has caused it to become one of Hermès’ most iconic bags – which is clearly why it is now considered to be a quota bag.

Hermes Constance Green Leather

The Birkin comes in a variety of sizes and can be dressed up or down. While the Birkin has been made famous by many celebrities, television shows such as Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have helped to make the Birkin bag a household name.

Is Picotin a Quota Bag?

Although the Picotin is a gorgeous bag, it is not considered to be a quota bag. Created in 2002, this bucket-style bag was modelled after horse feeders. The name of the bag comes from an old French term that was used to describe the “measure of oats given to a horse.”

Hermes Picotin Lock 18 Bag

Is Kelly Pochette a Quota Bag?

Whether or not the Kelly Pochette – a mini version of the Kelly – is a quota bag has been widely debated among purse-lovers. Based on research, it appears that the Kelly Pochette is indeed a quota bag. Due to a surge in popularity and demand, sales associates (SAs) at many Hermès locations, including Paris, are counting the Kelly Pochette as quota bags.

Bags with certain leathers and exotic skins are considered as quota bags at several locations, including the store in Paris. If you’re interested in this bag, ask your SA to confirm its status!

Hermes Kelly Pochette HandBag

Is Hermès Garden Party a Quota Bag?

Despite being a popular and highly functional bag, the Hermès Garden Party is not a quota bag. Created in 1964, the Garden Party is a tote bag, and is much less structured than either the Kelly or the Birkin. The bag is available in both leather and canvas but is primarily constructed in canvas. Compared to the Kelly and the Birkin, the Garden Party has a much more simplistic design and only has one main compartment (i.e., there are no pockets).

Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag

How to Get a Hermes Quota Bag

Now that you know which Hermès bags are considered to be quota bags, you might be thinking about buying one. If you’re asking yourself, “Can I just walk into Hermès and buy a bag?” then we have some slightly disappointing news for you.

While rumours exist with respect to people being offered quota bags at random and without having any spending history with the brand, this is not an ordinary shopping experience at Hermès.

Typically, customers are only offered a quota bag if they have spent money purchasing other Hermès items, they have developed a good relationship with an SA at one location, and they have created an Hermès wish list. It’s important to remember that even if you have been placed on the wish list, you may not receive your wish, or you may have to wait several months (or even years)!

So, now that you know about Hermès quota bags, the quota bag system, and some prices, what do you think? Will you be trying to add a quota bag to your bag closet? Let us know over on our Instagram @handbag_holic and YouTube @handbagholic.

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