What Is The Most Popular Hermes Bag Ever

What Is The Most Popular Hermès Bag Ever?

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What Is The Most Popular Hermès Bag?

Fashion trends continuously come and go, however, investing in a classic handbag from Hermès is a timeless investment to any wardrobe. But what is the most popular Hermès bag to buy? Although it is no secret that Hermès Bags come with an eye-watering price tag, the iconic French fashion house is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and exclusivity. 

Hermès may have a deep-rooted equestrian heritage, but they are most well-known in the fashion industry for their beautifully crafted handbags. It could be said that a luxury handbag collection is simply not complete without the addition of an iconic Hermès bag. Although bag trends come and go, the popularity of the classic Hermès handbags will forever remain due to their timeless designs. 

Hermes Birkin 35 Crocodile Brown
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

What is the most popular Hermès bag? It comes as no surprise that the most popular handbag ever designed and available at Hermès is, of course, the Birkin. The much loved Hermès Birkin is a true piece of fashion history and will forever have cult status within the luxury world. 

However, it isn’t all about the Birkin. Although some bags may not be as instantly recognizable as the much-coveted Birkin and Kelly, Hermès has an extensive range of understated yet popular bags. There is a beautifully crafted handbag to suit every lifestyle, budget, and wardrobe! We bring you an insight into the most popular and iconic styles the French luxury fashion house has ever designed.

What Is The Most Iconic Hermès Bag?

Hermes Birkin 35 Blue Gold hardware
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

Quite simply the crème de la crème of the luxury handbag world, has to be the iconic Hermès Birkin. The Birkin has firmly established itself as the most highly sought-after bag from Hermès. 

Originally designed by Jean-Louis Duma for Jane Birkin as the ultimate travel bag, the Birkin bag was first released in 1984. This incredibly chic and timeless handbag quickly became the ‘It’ bag and continues today to be the most iconic piece available at Hermès. Since its initial debut, the Hermès Birkin has been seen worn by countless celebrities over the years. Committed A-List Hermès collectors of the iconic Birkin include Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga. 

The Hermès Birkin has firmly secured its cult status within the fashion industry. It is reported that Hermès produces approximately 12,000 Birkin bags a year, and these are only sold to selected clients. As the fashion house is such an expert in exclusivity, the Birkin has remained one of the most highly sought-after handbags in the world. Their prestige status will forever remain unrivaled! 

How To Find The Best Hermès Bag For You

Hermes Constance 18 Bag Blue
Hermès Constance 18 Bag

Are you looking for the best Hermès handbag to suit your lifestyle? It can be overwhelming to know where to start! Hermès has a vast amount of bags within its core collection, and is continuously releasing new styles and designs. There truly is a Hermès bag to suit everyone; see our Hermès Complete Bag List 2023 with Prices (coming soon) for further insight into the current collection.

Whether you are looking for a bag for everyday use, travel, work, or simply want to invest in something beautiful, here we explore the best Hermès bags to suit your every need. 

Best Hermès Bag for Travel

Hermes Herbag Cloth
Hermès Herbag Cloth Bag

The Hermès luggage line is fairly extensive and features generously sized holdalls including the famous oversized Haunt à Courroies, better known as the HAC. But which Hermès bag is the best travel companion? 

Technically classified as a handbag, rather than luggage, the Hermès Herbag Zip range is perfect for a weekend trip or overnight stay. Crafted in durable military canvas and Hunter cowhide, the Herbag Zip backpack and shoulder bag are perfect for travel. Both the Herbag Zip bag and backpack feature adjustable straps that make them ideal for hands-free wear. Durable and lightweight, the Herbag Zipline is understated in design, yet has a classic Kelly-inspired silhouette that we all know and love. 

If you are seeking a more classic luggage option rather than an oversized tote, the latest luggage release from Hermès may be the one for you. Introducing the Hermès Rolling Mobility Suitcase (R.M.S.) – the perfect weekend getaway or short haul companion. Designed with functionality in mind, the R.M.S. is available in various colours and graphic designs and is the size of a rolling carry-on suitcase. This luxurious suitcase completes the Hermès travel line in style!

Best Hermès Bag Colours

When it comes to Hermès, the craftsmanship is second to none. The brand is known for incredibly high-quality leather and a highly impressive array of colours to complement them perfectly. Hermès has produced an incredibly extensive range of iconic and popular colorways over the years, which all remain unique to the brand. 

Hermes Kelly 28 Leather
Hermes Kelly 28 Leather

Which is the best colour to go for when it comes to Hermès? Arguably one of the most classic and popular colours has to be the iconic Hermès Gold. Gold is without a doubt one of Hermès’ most high-in-demand colours. This iconic warm-toned tan colour known as Gold was first popularised by Grace Kelly in the 1950s. Not only is this colour truly iconic, but all bags produced in this classic colour feature contrasting white stitching. This design element makes a Gold Hermès Birkin truly something special. 

Alongside Gold, the best and most popular Hermès colours are Black and Etoupe. Although they are all classic and neutral colours, they are all synonymous with the Hermès brand and complement their timeless bag designs perfectly. 

Best Hermès bag for Work

Hermes Bolide Leather Bag
Hermes Bolide Leather Bag

If you need to carry a work bag on a daily basis, it ought to be something you love and enjoy! You simply can’t go wrong with a classic and timeless leather bag, especially when it comes to Hermès. 

What is the best Hermès bag for work? A great all-around work bag is the Hermès Bolide. Available in a range of different sizes, this understated bag is ideal for working women. 

The Bolide is simple and understated in design, yet the Hermès craftsmanship still shines through. The addition of a detachable shoulder strap makes the bag functional and practical, whilst the zip fastening keeps all of your belongings safe and secure. 

Although it is one of the more understated and minimal bags from the luxury fashion house, the Hermès Bolide is both practical and beautiful. The minimal design does come with its benefits; you will feel safe and confident knowing that your be-loved Hermès bag isn’t instantly recognisable, which is especially important as a safety aspect when commuting to and from work. 

This beautifully crafted handbag can easily transition from day-to-night, and makes for the most luxurious work companion! 

Best First Hermès Bag 

Are you hoping to start your Hermès bag collection? Every Hermès collection has to start somewhere! When it comes to investing in your first Hermès purchase, it has to be the right one; and the Picotin Lock is a fantastic place to start.  

Hermes Picotin Lock 18 Bag
Hermes Picotin Lock 18 Bag

The Picotin Lock is a timeless piece within the Hermès handbag range and is an incredibly popular bag. The design of the Picotin Lock is synonymous with the Hermès brand, is inspired by horse feeders, and is adorned with the signature padlock. Crafted in beautifully soft taurillion Clemence leather, this bag really showcases the Hermès craftsmanship. Although the Picotin may not be instantly recognizable to everyone, the simplicity of the understated bucket bag design is what makes it so beautiful.

Not only is the Hermès Picotin Lock bag a functional and beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe, but it is also a fantastic starting point if you are looking for an introduction to the brand. 

Best Casual Hermès Bag

Hermes Evelyne 16 Amazone Bag
Hermes Evelyne 16 Bag

When it comes to an everyday Hermès bag, you can’t get much better than the Evelyne. The much-loved Evelyne is crafted in supple Clemence leather and features a minimalistic perforated leather ‘H’ design detail, as well as the incredible welcome addition of a canvas shoulder strap. 

This chic and understated bag is a fantastic option to grab and go and is most definitely the best crossbody Hermès bag available. Available in a variety of different sizes and colours with prices starting at £1,420; it isn’t hard to see how the Evelyne has become one of the most popular casual handbags available at Hermès.

The Evelyne is also currently one of the most affordable bags available at Hermès, which has made it even more desirable. Have you ever wondered what the cheapest bags are at Hermès? See our list of the 13 Cheapest Hermès Bags here

Best Hermès Tote Bag

Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag
Hermès Garden Party Bag

Are you a tote bag lover? Look no further than the Hermès Garden Party. Every wardrobe needs a classic tote bag that is both beautiful and functional. The Hermès Garden Party is the best option from the luxury brand, as it is both timeless and practical. 

This classic design is perfect for everyday use, and is available in two different style variations; all leather or canvas with leather trim. Both variations of the Garden Party are sophisticated, timeless, and durable bags that will last a lifetime. You cannot get much better than a classic leather tote bag, and the Hermès Garden Party may be one of the most luxurious options available on the luxury market. 

Most Beautiful Hermès Bag

Hermes Kelly Small Brown
Hermès Kelly Bag Small

It is no secret that Hermès produces some of the most highly sought-after and beautiful handbags. So what is the most beautiful bag at Hermès?

The Hermès Kelly is without a doubt the most beautiful handbag ever to be produced by the brand. Originally named after the late actress, fashion icon and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, this bag is both a fashion and cultural icon; a true status symbol. The Kelly remains a timeless piece today and a prime example of Hollywood glamour. Similarly to the Birkin, the Hermès Kelly is one of the few luxury handbags with a higher resale value than its original retail value. Available in multiple different kinds of leather, size, and colour variations, there truly is a Hermès Kelly to suit everyone.  

The Kelly will forever remain one of the most desirable handbags in the world, not only for its representation of the highest level of craftsmanship but for its deep-rooted fashion history. This undoubtedly feminine, elegant, and classic bag will make anyone feel instantly empowered!

The most desirable Hermès bag

Hermes Kelly Fuschia
Hermes Kelly Bag Fuschia

Hermès has an extensive range of iconic and sought-after handbags within their collection. However, what is the most coveted bag at Hermès? As trends come and go, the popularity of handbags changes to reflect this. Since 2015, mini bags have been some of the most desired handbags available on the luxury market. Currently, the most highly sought-after bag available at Hermès is the Kelly Mini II. The earliest known mini-sized Kelly bag was first introduced in 1957, and since then the desire for mini bags has grown rapidly. 

It comes as no surprise that the most desirable Hermès handbag is currently one of the hardest bags to purchase in the world. The small but perfectly formed mini-sized Kelly is the ultimate micro bag. The Mini Kelly II is so highly coveted, that it is often found on the resale market priced significantly higher than retail. It is not uncommon for the Hermès Mini Kelly II to be sold for around £30,000 on the secondary market. If you find yourself in the lucky position to be offered a Mini Kelly II at a Hermès boutique, we would strongly recommend purchasing it! 

Hermes Birkin 35 Black leather palladium hardware
Hermès Birkin 35

Although Hermès handbags are known for being sold at a premium on the pre-loved market, it is always worth exploring your options. If you are open to an older style or vintage piece you can make some great savings on the pre-loved market. We would recommend that you only shop for Hermès at reputable sites such as:

We strongly recommend that when you purchase any pre-loved designer piece, you should always get it authenticated by a reputable authentication service for peace of mind and protection. You can find authentication services here.

Although we have discussed the most popular Hermès bags, you may be wondering how to purchase them. See our dedicated blog post on How and Where To Buy A Hermès Bag here for an extensive guide on how to purchase your dream bag. 

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