13 CHEAPEST Hermès Bags

13 CHEAPEST Hermès Bags

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What Are The Cheapest Hermes Bags?

Have you ever wondered what are the most affordable Hermès bags? We’ve rounded up the top 13 cheapest Hermès bags currently available in boutiques.

Although the words ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ don’t usually come to mind when describing Hermès, there certainly are a few more affordable handbags available at the luxury fashion house. Hermès is one of the most luxurious and prestigious fashion houses in the world. The handbags produced by the iconic French brand are renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and exclusivity. So adding one to your collection

So whether you are looking to begin your Hermès journey or simply add to your existing collection; these handbags are great to consider

Price List for 13 Cheapest Hermès Bags

1. Evelyne 16 Amazone Bag – £1420, $1900

Hermes Evelyne 16 Amazone Bag

Although it may not be as instantly recognizable as the Birkin or Kelly, the Evelyne bag is a classic from Hermès. Staying true to their equestrian roots, the Hermès Evelyne was first designed to carry and store horse care products.

The Evelyne is one of the most popular handbags at Hermès due to its simple yet practical design, and much more affordable price point; with prices starting at £1420 for the mini size. This chic bag is an easy option to grab and go and is intended to be worn crossbody.

2. Garden Party 30 Bag – £1500, $2200

Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag

A classic tote bag is a must-have in any handbag collection, and the Hermès Garden Party is an incredibly luxurious option. This functional and beautiful tote is a true classic. 

Available in two different styles; all leather or canvas with a leather trim, there is a Garden Party tote for every wardrobe! Currently, the Garden Party is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large, with prices starting at £1500 for the canvas style in size 30. 

3. Herbag Zip 31 Bag – £1910, $2675

Hermes Herbag Zip 31 Bag

Perhaps one of the most practical, durable, and functional handbags from Hermès has to be the Herbag. Crafted in resistant military canvas and Hunter cowhide, the Herbag is the perfect travel companion. The Herbag features the Clou de Selle closure, a practical top handle, and a shoulder strap. 

The Herbag is often compared to the Hermès Kelly, due to its silhouette and sophisticated design. The design features all the elegance of the Hermès Kelly but in a much more practical and casual way; making it the ultimate carefree everyday handbag. Priced at £1910, the Herbag cannot be overlooked as a great entry-level bag from the brand.

4. Picotin Lock 18 Bag – £2120, $2875

Hermes Picotin Lock 18 Bag

The Picotin Lock’s simplistic design is synonymous with the Hermès brand. Originally inspired by horse feeders, this classic bucket bag is adorned with the signature Hermès padlock. 

An elegant and feminine twist on a classic bucket bag, the Picotin is both luxurious and functional. Prices for the Picotin Lock bag start at £2120 for the 18 size in Clemence leather. The simplistic design of the Picotin makes this Hermès bag incredibly understated and timeless, which suits everyday use perfectly.

5. Cabas H en Biais 40 Bag – £2440, $3400

Hermes Cabas H en Biais 40 Bag

One of the latest additions to the Hermès handbag range is the Cabas H em Biais bag. Crafted from durable jacquard canvas with the graphic ‘H en Biais’ motif and swift calfskin handles and base, this bag is perfect for everyday use. 

This luxurious tote bag is durable yet lightweight and therefore perfect for travel and running daily errands. Currently available in two size variations; prices for the Hermès Cabas tote bag start at £2440. 

6. Jige Elan Clutch 29 – £2780

Hermes Jige Elan Clutch 29

The Jige Elan is one of the most popular styles of clutch bags available at Hermès. Constructed most commonly in Epsom leather, this clutch bag is practical and durable; prices for the 29 size start at £2780. This versatile clutch bag is available in a wide variety of colours every season and can add the perfect pop of colour to any outfit. 

The Hermès Jige Elan is an understated piece that can transition from day to night perfectly. Adorned with the iconic ‘H’ symbol to secure the strap closure, this simple design is instantly recognizable to any Hermès lover. 

7. Kelly Classique To Go Wallet – £3510, $4575

Hermes Kelly Classique To Go Wallet

A mini variation of the highly coveted Hermès Kelly, the Kelly Classique To Go Wallet is currently available for £3510. 

This versatile and functional bag has all the classic features of the Hermès Kelly that we know and love in a crossbody wallet style. Featuring the iconic Kelly closure, this bag can be worn with the adjustable shoulder strap as a chic everyday crossbody, or can simply be worn as a clutch. 

8. Constance Long To Go Wallet – £4100, $5350 

Hermes Constance Long To Go Wallet

Another classic with a twist is the Constance Long To Go Wallet. This mini bag pays homage to the Constance, with the iconic gold-plated ‘H’ tab closure. If you are looking for the classic look of the Hermès Constance at a fraction of the price, the Constance To Go Wallet priced at £4100 is the one for you!

The versatility of the Constance To Go cannot be overlooked. Much like the Kelly To Go, this bag can be worn in various different ways including crossbody, on the shoulder, and hand-held as a clutch.

9. Geta Bag – £4140, $5800

Hermes Geta Bag

The Hermès Geta bag is a modern classic. This casual crossbody bag is priced at £4140, and is perhaps one of the more understated Hermès bags available.

Most commonly crafted in Mysore goatskin, the Geta bag features an adjustable canvas shoulder strap. The bag is designed to be worn comfortably crossbody and is perfect for a laid-back everyday look. 

10. Bolide 1923 Mini Verso Bag – £4580, $5350

Hermes Bolide 1923 Mini Verso Bag

The Bolide 1923 Mini Verso is available in 5 different sizes, including the incredibly popular mini. As one of Hermès most popular bags with a lower price point of £4580, the Boldie Mini bag is notoriously hard to find. 

You can often find this bag available for a premium price on the pre-loved market. If you are lucky enough to find a Mini Bolide on the Hermès website or be offered one in a boutique, we strongly suggest purchasing it!

11. Lindy Mini Verso Bag – £4770

Hermes Lindy Mini Verso Bag

An elegant yet casual bag from Hermès, the Lindy Mini Verso bag is crafted from Evercolour calfskin; priced at £4770 it is a mid range bag from Hermès.

The Lindy bag has established itself as a modern classic, due to its simplistic design. The somewhat slouchy silhouette and practical crossbody strap make this the perfect bag for a casual everyday look.

12. Roulis Mini 18 Bag – £5310, $7400

Hermes Roulis Mini 18 Bag

The Roulis is steadily gaining popularity at Hermès. Available in Evercolour calfskin with an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag features modern and equestrian-inspired permabrass-plated hardware.

The mini Roulis is priced at £5310 and is a perfect alternative to the Hermès Constance, with its modern yet minimal design. 

13. Birkin 30 Togo Leather, £7490, $11200

Hermes Birkin 30 Togo Leather

What would a top 13 Hermès bags be without the ever-so-iconic Birkin? Although it is one of the most expensive handbags available at Hermès, it is without a doubt one of the most classic and sought-after pieces. 

Due to its exclusivity, is it no secret that the Hermès Birkin is a fantastic investment piece. Available in 4 different sizes, the Birkin is crafted in various different kinds of leather ranging from classic calfskin to rare exotics. Prices range drastically for the Hermès Birkin, however, the starting price for a Birkin 30 in Togo leather is currently £7490. 

What’s the cheapest Hermès bag?

Hermes Evelyne 16 Amazone Brown

So what is the least expensive Hermès bag? Currently, the least expensive bag available at Hermès is the Evelyne 16 Amazone handbag. Not only is this the cheapest bag available at Hermès, but it is also one of the most popular styles due to its classic and practical design. 

If you are hoping to invest in a more everyday ‘full size’ bag, then the Hermès Herbag Zip 31 could be the one for you. The Herbag is currently priced at £1910, and not only has a very similar design to the much-loved Hermès Kelly but is much more carefree and functional. 

Do Hermès have sales?

do hermes have sales

Hermès hosts two private sample sales per year, which take place in the summer and winter, and unfortunately are invite only. During these sample sales, you can find ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, footwear, and homeware for sale. 

Do Hermès bags go on sale? 

It comes as no surprise that Hermès do not feature small leather goods or handbags in their sales. 

How to buy cheap Hermès bags 

Hermes Store

Currently, all of the most affordable Hermès bags are available to purchase at boutiques worldwide. Occasionally you may find a small selection of handbags released for sale on the website, however, due to huge demand, they tend to sell out incredibly quickly. 

Although Hermès handbags are known for being sold at a premium on the pre-loved market, it is always worth exploring your options. If you are open to an older style or vintage piece you can make some great savings on the pre-loved market. We would recommend that you only shop for Hermès at reputable sites such as:

Additionally, please always ensure to get any pre-loved Hermes bags authenticated by a reputable service, you can find our recommended authentication services here.

Have you ever wondered if Hermes bags are good investments? Find out in our blog here.

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