Where to sell Hermes bags safely

How And Where To Sell Hermès Bags Safely

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Where To Sell Hermès Bags

Are you looking to rejuvenate your collection or cash in on your luxury investments? You’re probably wondering where to sell Hermès Bags – you’re in the right place to find your answer.

In the saturated world of luxury fashion, few brands come close to the iconic status of Hermès. Most well-known for their impeccably crafted handbags, Hermès designs some of the most popular bags available in the world. Not only are Hermès handbags some of the most beautiful, but they are also a fantastic financial investment. 

Hermès is renowned for increasing in value and is one of the best luxury investments you can make. It is widely reported that Hermès bags can be a better and more worthwhile investment than gold and stocks. See our best Hermès Bags To Invest In. Consequently, due to their high resale value, the current demand for these bags in the pre-loved luxury market is bigger than ever before. 

Hermes Birkin 35 Blue Gold hardware
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

Therefore, as an avid Hermès or handbag collector, you may find yourself in the position where you are looking to resell some of your bags. Whether you are hoping to recoup some money, make a profit, or simply sell your bag to buy another; there is a sales solution for everyone.

Where can I sell my Hermès bag?

There are numerous options available when it comes to selling pre-loved luxury, particularly Hermès. However, we always suggest doing your research prior to selling your beloved Hermès bag. 

The pre-loved luxury market is saturated with Hermès handbags some of which reach eye-watering resale prices. As these bags become increasingly difficult to purchase directly from Hermès, the secondary market can supply some of this demand; however, this comes at an additional cost! Unless you are hoping to sell a well-worn vintage piece, you will often find you will easily recoup your money, if not a lot more! Therefore there has never been a more suitable time to sell your pre-loved Hermès bags than right now. 

How To Sell Hermès Bags

Hermes Lindy Green
Hermès Lindy Bag

When it comes to selling any luxury handbag, it is important to know your options, and ensure you are using a safe and secure method. This is particularly important when you are wishing to sell such a highly sought-after and expensive handbag, such as Hermès.

Prior to deciding which platform is most suitable for selling your Hermès bag, it is important to know exactly what you are selling, and their current prices in the boutique and on the pre-loved market. See our in-depth guide of the Full List Of Hermès Bags 2023 With Prices (coming soon). Due to the nature of Hermès, some leather, colours, and hardware options are more limited, and therefore in higher demand. Therefore it is important to know what demand there is for your specific handbag on the pre-loved market, and then you can have an idea about how much it is worth. 

So, what are the options when it comes to selling a Hermès bag? There are multiple options when it comes to selling a Hermès bag, which can seem quite overwhelming for a first-time seller. Although selling your handbag may seem like a daunting task at first, here we cover the best options available to help you feel a little more confident about selling your bag!

Firstly, you can simply sell your Hermès bag privately online. The best sites to sell luxury goods are eBay and Vestiaire Collective. However, be cautious in your approach, as Hermès Bags obviously come with a high price tag, and buyer and seller safety is incredibly important. It comes without question that if you feel more confident having a professional reseller sell your bag – do not hesitate!

Do you want to sell your Hermès bag without any hassle? We can’t blame you! If the idea of selling your Hermès bag privately seems incredibly nerve-wracking, there are companies that specialise in selling luxury goods who will do the hard work for you. Consignment services are a completely hassle-free way of selling your luxury handbags. London-based company Sellier Knightsbridge offers a reliable consignment service and prides themselves in selling high-end designer bags.  

Hermes Birkin 35 Crocodile Brown
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

Are you looking to sell your Hermès bag for cash? Luxury resellers and pre-loved luxury boutiques may be interested in buying your bag from you for cash. Pre-owned luxury specialists such as Luxury Promise and Bagista are happy to purchase Hermès bags for cash payments, which you can either have directly paid to you, or you could claim vouchers in order to purchase another bag. 

Obviously, when selling directly to a luxury boutique or consignment service, you will be receiving less profit than if you were to sell your bag privately yourself. This is something you need to consider when you are thinking about selling your Hermès bag, as commission rates can significantly impact your final sale price. 

Are you still considering selling your Hermès bag? We discuss the various options available in further detail, in order to help you confidently sell your Hermès bag.

Best Way to Sell a Hermès Bag

Hermes Constance 18 Bag Blue
Hermès Constance Bag

As demand continues to grow for Hermès, the popularity of pre-loved bags also increases. Although there are a plethora of options when it comes to selling luxury goods, it can be hard to know where to start! What is the best place to sell a Hermès bag?

If you are feeling brave, the best place to sell any Hermès bags you are looking to re-home is privately online. Although this is much more time-consuming than the other options we have covered, this is potentially one of the most profitable sales methods. If you are comfortable with the idea of selling your Hermès bag on eBay or Vestiaire Collective, we would recommend doing so. It is important to note that both companies do deduct a final commission fee. However, you will have more flexibility and control over pricing and will still make a greater profit than if you were to consign your bag with a specialist service.  

Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag
Hermès Garden Party Bag

However, understandably selling such a high-priced item privately may not be for everyone! If that is the case, we would strongly recommend using a luxury reseller such as Sellier Knightsbridge. Sellier Knightsbridge has a fantastic reputation within the luxury community and is leading the way when it comes to luxury resale. You will often find bags selling incredibly quickly at Sellier Knightsbridge, as they have such a huge online and social media presence. They are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to all things Hermès, and will offer you a fantastic and fair price for your bag.

Working alongside a trusted resale company will ensure you have a stress-free sale. To conclude, if a hassle-free, safe, reliable, and smooth sale is what you are hoping for – a reseller like Sellier Knightsbridge could be the best option for selling your Hermès bags. It is always important to go with the option that you are most comfortable and confident with, especially when selling such a high price point item. 

Best Site to Sell Hermès Bags

Hermes Kelly Fuschia
Hermès Kelly Bag

One of the best online sites to sell your Hermès bag is Vestiaire Collective. The much-loved online luxury marketplace has a huge online platform, and therefore millions of existing customers worldwide. As Vestiaire Collective is so well known within the luxury community, there is a huge existing client base. Therefore you may find that your Hermès bag sells incredibly quickly, especially if you are selling a highly sought-after quota bag. However, the fee that Vestiaire Collective deducts from your final sale is 20%, and this is something to consider when pricing your items. This is a fantastic platform to sell any luxury handbag, especially your Hermès bags. 

If you are nervous about selling your Hermès bag privately online, there are other options. Online consignment services can be a fantastic option if you have any hesitations about selling your Hermès bag yourself. These reputable companies do the hard work for you, and therefore remove all the stress from selling privately! One of the most well-known online consignment services who specialise in luxury goods are SACLÀB. The online luxury business SACLÀB offers a personal service in order to sell your high-end designer goods. They specialise in buying and selling Hermès handbags, so rest assured you’re in safe hands!

Best Place To Sell Hermès Bag London

Hermes Birkin 35 Black leather palladium hardware
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

London is a global fashion hub and is famous for its luxury shopping. Not only is London a world leader in luxury retail, but is also home to numerous consignment stores that specialise in the reselling of designer goods. 

Are you looking to sell your Hermès bag in London? There are multiple companies located in London that will happily help you to sell your beloved Hermès bag. However, it is important to know which consignment stores are more reputable and reliable. 

When it comes to selling or consigning an Hermès bag in London, we would recommend Sellier Knightsbridge, Bagista, and Love Luxury. All of these pre-loved luxury consignment stores are renowned for their impeccable customer service and are reliable places to sell your luxury bags. You may find that one of these companies may wish to outright buy your bag from you for cash, or you can discuss alternative methods; such as consignment. London-based luxury specialists such as Love Luxury and Sellier Knightsbridge will buy new and pre-loved Hermès bags for very competitive prices. 

Hermes Kelly Small Brown
Hermès Kelly Bag

In order to sell your bag, all you need to do is provide the company with a detailed condition report and photographs of the bag in question. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can simply visit the boutique in order to have your handbag valued. A valuation will be made, and you will be offered a final price. You can simply accept this as a cash payment, or you can put this money towards another purchase in-store!

Would you rather consign your Hermès bag? A consignment service may be one of the easiest options available when it comes to selling a handbag. These consignment services operate in-store and online, and companies like Sellier Knightsbridge really know their stuff when it comes to selling Hermès bags. In order to consign your bag, you simply need to send over your handbag to the company, who will then photograph, price, and advertise the bag on your behalf.

Once your bag has sold, the consignment service will deduct their percentage from the final sale price, and will simply transfer you the remaining total. Consignment fees do vary, so always check with the company, however, on average fees range from 15% to 30% of the final sale price. Are you still curious as to how and where you can sell your designer bags? We’ve got you covered! Find our detailed guide on How and Where To Sell Designer Bags, where we discuss the multiple luxury selling platforms available, and which is best. 

Hermes Bolide Leather Bag
Hermès Bolide Bag

Can I Sell My Hermès Bag?

Due to their rarity and exclusivity, many people want to hang onto their Hermès bags. However, you may one day find yourself in a position where you are looking to let go of one of your handbags. But does Hermès allow the resale of their bags? 

Much like the majority of other luxury brands, Hermès tries to avoid the resale of their bags as much as possible. In order to do this, Hermès try to avoid selling to known resellers and personal shoppers. Although Hermès do everything they can to avoid the resale of their bags, many handbags end up on the secondary market every year. 

Hermes Evelyn Bag Beige
Hermès Evelyn Bag

Is it legal to sell your Hermès bag? It is perfectly legal to sell your designer bags, and that includes all Hermès products including handbags. Clients of the brand do need to be cautious when re-selling their bags as you can run the risk of not being offered more from the store in the future if you are caught. Some may say it is not worth the risk! However, it is no secret that Hermès bags are renowned for selling for a premium price on the resale market. 

Are you yet to purchase your first Hermès bag, but are curious about the pricing? If you are looking to add a Hermès piece to your bag collection, look no further than the most affordable and popular everyday bags. Find our extensive guide to the Cheapest Hermès Bags, for a glimpse into the more reasonably priced bags from the luxury fashion house!

Selling to buy? Although Hermès handbags are known for being sold at a premium on the pre-loved market, it is always worth exploring your options. If you are open to an older style or vintage piece you can make some great savings on the pre-loved market. We would recommend that you only shop for Hermès at reputable sites such as:

We strongly recommend that when you purchase or sell any pre-loved designer piece, you should always get it authenticated by a reputable authentication service for peace of mind and protection. You can find authentication services here.

If you’re looking to sell a Hermes bag or buy one, you might be wondering – Are Hermes bags a good investment? Here are my thoughts…

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