Where To Buy A Hermes Bag

Where To Buy A Hermès Bag – Everything You Need To Know

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Where To Buy A Hermès Bag

If you want to know where to buy a Hermès bag, keep reading. Although it is notoriously difficult to purchase a handbag directly from Hermès, it is not impossible! Hermès are the true masters of their craft and have established themselves as the most exclusive luxury brand in the world.

Hermes Store
Hermès Store

Where is the best place to buy a Hermès bag? The best place to purchase a Hermès bag is directly from the boutique, although this may be easier said than done! Strictly speaking, the best location to buy a Hermès bag in the world is in either London or Paris. However, when it comes to Hermès, this doesn’t come without its challenges. 

We discuss all the invaluable information you may need in order to purchase your dream Hermès bag.

How to Get An Hermès Bag

When it comes to Hermès, handbags aren’t simply readily available to purchase. Hermès has become famous for its quota bag system; there are quota and non-quota bags available at the luxury fashion house. What is a quota bag? The Birkin and Kelly and in some locations, the Constance is also deemed as quota bag but as of 2023, Hermes has stated that you can no longer go on a wishlist for a Constance as it is not considered a quota bag in some countries.

Hermes Birkin 35 Crocodile Brown
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

This quota system was introduced as a way of limiting clients from purchasing multiple handbags in a given time period. On the other hand, non-quota bags can be purchased as you please, whether that is online or in boutiques. At Hermès purchasing non-quota bags is a fantastic way to start to establish a relationship with the brand, and they tend to be a much more reasonable starting price; see our list of the Cheapest Hermès Bags (coming soon). 

Unlike other luxury brands, you can actually find handbags for sale on the Hermès website. Hermès stocks a vast array of products online, including small leather goods, jewelry, and accessories. What handbags can I purchase on the Hermès website? You can only purchase non-quota bags online; handbags you will find for sale online are the Garden Party, Picotin Lock, and Geta bags. Unfortunately, you will never find a Birkin or Kelly available on the website! 

Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag
Hermès Garden Party Bag

All Hermès handbags are available to purchase directly from the boutique. When shopping in the Hermès boutiques, the rules vary slightly from country to country. Do I need an appointment to shop at Hermès? Currently, you do not need an appointment in order to purchase a handbag in London, but you do need one if you are shopping in Paris. We will discuss the Paris appointment system in further detail a little later on!

As Hermès handbags are notoriously hard to get your hands on directly from the boutique, you can find many bags on the pre-loved market. Although you may find your dream Birkin on the secondary market, you will most probably find it has a premium price tag. Much like any other luxury bag, it is vital you shop for pre-loved Hermès on reputable resale sites. We would recommend Vestiaire Collective, Fashionphile, eBay, and Farfetch. Additionally, if you are looking to invest in an exotic leather or exceptional piece from Hermès, you may find auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s that deal with luxury bags a good place to start. 

How to buy Hermès bag in Paris

Hermes Store Inside Doha
Hermès Store

Paris is known for being the home of Hermès, and it is every handbag lover’s dream to purchase a bag in the flagship boutique at Faubourg Saint-Honorè. Shopping for Hermès in Paris differs from other countries significantly. Although there is no need to have a prior established relationship with a sales associate, there are some specific rules to follow. 

When shopping for Hermès bags in Paris, you need to be aware of their dedicated leather appointment website, which you will find here. On this website, you will find an application form that allows you to submit a request for a leather goods appointment. If you are lucky enough to be selected, you will be given an appointment in which you can discuss your handbag requirements with a sales associate. We would strongly advise that you have several bag options, as the likelihood that they have your exact specifications in the boutique is very rare.

How do I get an appointment at Hermès Paris?

Hermes Kelly Fuschia
Hermès Kelly Bag

So how does the infamous Hermes Paris appointment system work? The appointment system opens at 10:30 am Paris time, where you will have the opportunity to enter your contact details including your passport number in order to submit an appointment request. Unfortunately simply submitting a request for an appointment does not guarantee you one! Applying through the leather appointment website simply puts you in a system that will randomly select several lucky clients for appointments on the following day. 

If you are one of the lucky few to be selected, you will be alerted via text and email to confirm your appointment time slot and boutique location. Unfortunately, it is still quite hard to secure an appointment, and you may have to submit a request every day of your trip. Many Hermès lovers still find themselves leaving Paris disappointed and empty-handed. However, it is not all bad news! You can submit an appointment request every day on your trip, and for multiple people within your party – which may up your chances significantly!

How much is Hermès bag in Paris?

Hermes Kelly black
Hermès Kelly Bag

So now we have discussed how it is possible to purchase a Hermès bag in Paris, you may be wondering how much they cost. Are Hermès bags cheaper in Paris? Yes! Much like many other luxury brands, you will often find that Hermès bags are slightly cheaper in European cities such as Paris. 

Currently, a Hermès Birkin 25 in Togo leather retails for approximately €7400 in Paris, and roughly $9850 plus tax in the US. Additionally, the Kelly 28 in Togo Retourne costs roughly €7950 in Paris, whilst the same bag is approximately $10600 in the US. For a full insight into the price of Hermès bags around the world, see our dedicated blog post Full list of Hermès Bags 2023 with Prices (coming soon). 

How to buy Hermès bag online

Hermes Constance 18 Bag Blue
Hermès Constance Bag

Hermès has an extensive website in which you can purchase a wide variety of leather goods, clothing, and homeware. Can you buy a Hermès bag online? Currently, you can only purchase non-quota handbags on their website. These non-quota products include the Herbag Zip, Cabas H en Biais, and In-The-Loop bags. 

Although Hermès sells a limited selection of their handbags and small leather goods online, you will more often than not find that these products are sold out. Hermès tends to update stock on the website quite regularly, however, these pieces tend to sell out within a matter of minutes. The most popular bag styles that are sold online include the Evelyne, Garden Party, and Picotin Lock bags. If you are looking for a specific non-quota bag, we would suggest keeping an eye on the website regularly in order to secure your purchase. 

How to buy a Hermès bag in Australia

Hermes Lindy Green
Hermès Lindy Bag

Unfortunately, Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world to purchase Hermès bags. Although Hermès in Sydney and Melbourne no longer have a waist list system, it is still tricky to get your hands on a Birkin or Kelly

How do I purchase a Hermès bag in Australia? If you are hoping to purchase a quota bag in Australian boutiques, you must have a well-established relationship with your dedicated sales associate. A strong buying history definitely helps if you are hoping to score a Birkin in Melbourne. Many Hermès clients in Australia have reported that a 1:1 spend ratio is required in order to even be offered a quota bag. 

How to buy a Hermès bag in the Philippines?

Hermes Birkin 35 Blue Gold hardware
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

Much like in Australia, in many Asian countries, you will find that you need to build a solid relationship with a sales associate over time. So how do I purchase a Hermès bag in the Philippines? 

During your time working alongside your dedicated sales assistant, you should aim to spend around a 1:1 ratio in order to be offered the chance to place a wish list for a Birkin 30. You will also find that the smaller the bag, the more desirable it is, and therefore you will be expected to spend a higher ratio in order to purchase a Birkin 25 or Mini Kelly. 

Unfortunately only once you have a strong client profile and have spent frequently at the boutique will you be offered the opportunity to place a ‘wish’ for a quota bag. Once you are established as a VIP client in Hermès you will find you are offered handbags more frequently. Due to the Hermès buying system in Australia and Asia, many clients of the brand prefer to travel to Europe to purchase handbags. Surprisingly, it can often be cheaper and much easier to purchase a Birkin or Kelly in Paris. 

How to get a Hermès bag in London

Once again, the purchase system varies for Hermès in London. In London, there is currently no appointment system in place, and therefore you can simply walk into a boutique to discuss your wishes with a sales associate. So how do I purchase a Hermès bag in London? 

A wish-list system is in place within London stores. Although you can simply make a wish at any London Hermès boutique, we would strongly advise that you build up a relationship with a sales associate first. Your wishlist expires after 12 months, and therefore if you have not been offered your bag in that time, you are able to start a new wishlist. Having an established relationship with your sales assistant will show your loyalty and dedication to the brand. Hermès clients and customers with extensive purchase profiles are still more likely to be offered a quota bag sooner than those making their first purchase with the brand. 

Where Buy A Pre-Loved Hermès Bags

Hermes Evelyn Bag Beige
Hermès Evelyn Bag

As Hermès bags are becoming increasingly difficult to purchase from stores, fans of the brand are beginning to shop elsewhere. There is a vast selection of Hermès handbags available on the pre-loved market. Although there may be an abundance of bags on the resale market, it is important to be aware of the premium price tags these handbags have. Due to the exclusivity of Hermès, all bags on the pre-loved market come with a hefty price tag to reflect their scarcity. 

Where is the best place to buy pre-loved Hermès bags? We would recommend only shopping for pre-loved luxury at reputable retailers. When it comes to Hermès you need to be extra cautious when shopping on the resale market. The best place to purchase pre-loved Hermès is Vestiaire Collective, Fashionphile, eBay, and Farfetch.

Like all other luxury purchases, we strongly recommend that you seek additional authentication from a reputable authenticator. This will give you complete peace of mind and will ensure you have all the correct documentation if you were to resell your Hermès bag in the future. See our full list of recommended authentication services here

Can anyone buy a Hermès bag?

Hermes Birkin 35 Black leather palladium hardware
Hermès Birkin 35 Bag

Obviously, you can purchase all Hermès bags directly from the boutique. However, this may take some time, money, and serious patience! Although this may take a while, once you are an established client of the Hermès brand, you can purchase any bag that is available or offered to you. 

Once you have established a loyal relationship with Hermès you will find that your sales associate will take note of your wishes and keep an eye on stock for your wishlist bags.

Can I just walk into Hermès and buy a bag?

Hermes Kelly Small Brown
Hermès Kelly Bag

Unfortunately due to the sheer exclusivity of Hermès, you cannot simply just walk into a boutique and purchase a bag. Although non-quota bags are available to purchase, they are more often than not sold out in boutiques and online. Therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult to visit any boutique and make an immediate purchase. See our extensive guide on How To Get A Hermès Quota Bag, the low-down on how to make a wishlist for further information on how to score your dream bag. 

Although it can sometimes feel that purchasing a bag from Hermès is an impossible task, do not lose hope! Your dream Birkin or Kelly is always worth the wait!

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