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Can You Return A Chanel Bag? Everything You Need To Know

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You now might be wondering, can you return a Chanel bag? After saving up and fantasizing about a luxury bag for a long time, you finally take the plunge and bring your new Chanel bag home. Only, once you’re through with the fun-filled unboxing of your dreamy new Chanel bag, you’re no longer feeling the joy and excitement. Instead, you’re filled with heaps of regret and panic. We’ve all been there.

Can You Return a Chanel Bag?

The answer is both yes and no. Whether or not you can return a Chanel bag is dependent on the country where you bought your Chanel bag.

Further, some countries will only allow you to return a Chanel bag for store credit, rather than an actual refund to your original method of payment.

Sometimes, you spend hours upon hours lusting over a bag because it looks amazing on a celebrity or someone you follow on Instagram. And even though you looked at the bag and tried it on in the store, it’s just not the same once you get it home; or you feel the bag doesn’t actually work with your wardrobe. We completely understand, it happens to the best of us!

Perhaps you ordered the Chanel bag over the phone or online, and have never even seen it in person. Even worse is bringing that bag home and then finding a flaw or any kind of damage on the new luxury bag that you just spent thousands of dollars on. Worse still is being hit with an unexpected emergency, meaning the luxury bag that you just purchased is no longer financially feasible for you. And just like that, you’re wondering: Can I return this Chanel bag? Find out everything you need to know about returning a Chanel bag in this blog.

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Whether or not you can return a luxury bag really depends on the brand, where you bought the bag from, and the reason you’re wanting to return the bag. Many of the places we shop at these days boast free shipping and free returns in an attempt to bring in more customers. But once we enter the realm of luxury shopping, returns and exchanges can become a bit trickier.

Read where to buy a Chanel bag from to discover our favorite places to shop for Chanel. We also acknowledge that the places where we love to buy Chanel bags may not be the places that you choose to – or are able to – shop at. Therefore, it’s important for you to know all of your options when it comes to buying and returning a Chanel bag. Find out everything you need to know in this blog.

In Which Countries Can You Return a Chanel Bag?

You are able to return a Chanel bag for a full refund in the following countries:
· United States

Sadly, this is a very short list! Based on extensive research across Chanel’s website – which included looking at the return policy for many different countries – as well as throughout the Internet, it appears that the only country that will allow you to return a Chanel bag for a full refund is the United States.

This is likely due to consumer laws and policies that exist within the United States but are non-existent in other countries.

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How Can I Return a Chanel Bag if I Don’t Live in the United States?

If you live outside of America, you do have some recourse; you are able to return a Chanel bag, but only for a store credit.

Can You Exchange a Chanel Bag?

Even if you can’t return a Chanel bag in most countries, can you exchange a Chanel bag? Yes! Regardless of the country you live in, you can exchange a Chanel bag.

What is Chanel’s Return and Exchange Policy?

Again, Chanel’s return and exchange policy are dependent upon the country where you live. However, it does appear that there is some brand consistency when it comes to Chanel’s return and exchange policy. Whether you would like to return your Chanel bag for a store credit or exchange your Chanel bag for a different one, Chanel’s policy is that a return or exchange may only occur within 14 days of purchase.

With respect to returns at Chanel boutiques that are located outside of the United States, Chanel will only provide you with a store credit, which will be given to you on a gift card.

For both returns and exchanges, Chanel will only accept your bag if it is “in the original packaging and in re-sellable condition.”(2) Chanel’s policy goes on to read that items must be “in [their] original unworn condition [accompanied by the] original documentation including sales receipt, tags attached, and undamaged packaging, including, but not limited to, [the] dust bag, box, and care booklet.”(1)

So, while you can return or exchange a Chanel bag, make sure that you have all of the packaging that it came in.

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Chanel Return Policy Without Receipt

Based on research – including perusing Chanel’s website within different countries, as well as our own personal receipts, and the accounts of those who have tried to return Chanel bags – it appears that Chanel will not allow you to return or exchange a bag without the original sales receipt.

Some people like to hang onto their receipts forever, especially if they plan on selling their bag(s); but, whether or not you are someone who likes to keep your receipts, hang onto this one for at least 14 days in the event that you would like to return or exchange your Chanel bag.

Chanel Jewelry Return Policy

In addition to bags, Chanel sells many other items, including jewelry and watches. Again, Chanel’s jewelry return policy depends on the country you are in. If you are in the United Kingdom (UK), you have 14 days to return Chanel jewelry, as long as the item is “unworn, in a re-sellable condition, in its original packaging and accompanied by the original receipt and tax refund export sales form where applicable.”

As a Canadian, if you’re interested in purchasing a Chanel watch or Chanel jewelry – perhaps a gorgeous J12 or rose gold Coco Crush ring caught your eye – you must be absolutely sure that you are in love with the piece that you are about to purchase, and that it fits, as there is a no return and no exchange policy on watches and fine jewelry. According to information on Chanel’s website, and written at the bottom of Canadian receipts, “All watch and fine jewelry [sic] items are final sale.”

With respect to the United States, it doesn’t look like you can return or exchange Chanel jewelry. According to the Chanel jewelry return policy on Chanel’s American website, you are able to contact the company “for any information regarding terms and conditions of return and exchange.” This wording does not appear to be in favor of customers returning their Chanel jewelry.

Given that Chanel’s website explicitly states that other items can be returned for a full refund within 14 days to any store in the United States, the wording under Chanel’s jewelry return policy does not bode well for customers trying to return their fine jewelry. We highly suggest that you love the jewelry you are planning to purchase, otherwise you will be stuck with it (or forced to resell it, which could cause you a financial loss).

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Chanel Jewelry Return Policy: Costume Jewelry

A big seller for Chanel is their costume jewelry, which includes brooches, double CC logo earrings adorned with crystals, enamel bracelets, and faux pearl necklaces. As far as we can tell, Chanel costume jewelry does not fall under the fine jewelry category; instead, it falls under the category of fashion, which means that Chanel costume jewelry can likely be returned or exchanged within 14 days (as long as you have the original receipt and packaging; and depending on the country you live in).

Will Returning a Chanel Bag Ruin Your Relationship with the Sales Associate?

Chanel bags are very hard to get your hands on, and this is even more true when it comes to certain styles and colours. Thus, having a good relationship with a Chanel Sales Associate (SA) can truly make or break the experience you have shopping at Chanel, as well as your ability to get a hold of certain Chanel bags. It’s important to remember that your Chanel Sales Associate is a human being: They do understand that bags need to be exchanged, and even returned, from time to time. The way that you approach the return or exchange of your Chanel bag can ruin your relationship with the Sales Associate.

If you buy and keep more Chanel bags than you return or exchange, then returning a Chanel bag every now and then will likely not ruin your relationship with the Sales Associate. But, if you are returning or exchanging a lot of Chanel bags, this can definitely cause tension and potentially ruin your relationship with the Sales Associate. Chanel SAs put in a lot of time, care, and energy into sourcing the Chanel bags that you are looking for, and if you are constantly exchanging and returning your bags, then you are wasting their time, which they could be giving to another customer.

Find out how much Chanel sales associates earn in this blog here.

Further, if you buy a Chanel bag, the SA who helped you with that purchase will earn a commission. Should you return that bag, the SA will lose their commission. Thus, if you are in a vicious cycle of buying and then returning your Chanel bags, the SA will continue to earn and then lose a commission. As you can imagine, this would be very frustrating to the SA who has taken the time to help you. So, will returning a Chanel bag ruin your relationship with the sales associate? Yes, but only if you fall into the category of a ‘chronic returner’.

If you find a real design flaw or damage on your Chanel bag, it is absolutely okay to exchange your bag. Chanel bags cost thousands of dollars; a good SA will be understanding and happy to exchange your item for a better one, or even send it in for repairs. And if for some reason you are truly not happy with the bag that you purchased, a good Chanel SA will be more than happy to allow you to return the bag and issue you a store credit. In this case, it would be a great idea to work with that same SA to help you choose a new item.

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Will Returning a Chanel Bag to a Location Different from the Original Purchase Location Ruin Your Relationship with the Sales Associate?

Yes. We do not recommend doing this. If you need to return or exchange an item but are no longer able to go to the store where you originally purchased the item, DO NOT go to another Chanel store without first contacting the SA who helped you purchase the bag.
If you live far away from the store where you purchased your bag, your SA may be able to send you a prepaid shipping label.

This way, you can return or exchange your Chanel bag to the store that it came from – and even though your SA will lose the commission on the bag that you are returning, they will be able to sell it to another customer and earn that commission back.

Should you return or exchange your Chanel bag to another store, not only will the SA lose their commission, but they will not have the opportunity to earn it back, as the bag will now be in another store. In this instance, not only have you lost the SA their commission, but you have also wasted their time. Therefore, returning a Chanel bag to a location different from the original place of purchase will absolutely ruin your relationship with the Sales Associate.

Will Chanel Not Offer Me Any More Bags if I Return One?

As mentioned above, your Chanel SAs do understand that sometimes a bag needs to be returned or exchanged. However, if you become too picky and indecisive, and begin to return and exchange your bags constantly, then Chanel will not offer you any more bags. Nothing in this world is perfect. Not even a Chanel bag. Because Chanel bags are handmade (read about how Chanel bags are made), there will likely always be slight differences and imperfections in the final product.

Additionally, each batch of material will always be different from the ones before and after it, meaning that the leather on each bag, and between collections and seasons, will also be different. Should there be a huge flaw with your bag, such as loose, broken, or crooked hardware, then you should definitely try to return or exchange your Chanel bag. But, if you become too picky and obsessive leading you to return and/or exchange your bags at too high a frequency, then not only will you ruin your relationship with your Sales Associate, but Chanel will Chanel not offer you any more bags.

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Can I Return a Chanel Bag: Pre-Loved Chanel Bags

Whether or not you can return a pre-loved Chanel bag depends on where you bought your Chanel bag from (check out our blog discussing where to buy a Chanel bag). Some websites, such as Fashionphile, will allow you to return items, including Chanel bags, within 30 days.

Final Thoughts on Returning a Chanel Bag

While we hope that you will not have to return or exchange your Chanel bag, please remember to check the policies at your local boutique when you are making a purchase. As consumer laws and store policies can both change, it is always good to know your consumer rights – and it is even more important when it comes to purchasing expensive luxury products, such as Chanel bags. Have fun shopping…and please keep your receipts!

If you don’t wish to return back but instead add to your collection, why not browse the preloved market to find something a little different? Some of our favorite places to find the best bags are:

Vestiaire Collective

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