Do YSL Bags Go Up In Value? What You Need To Know

Do YSL Bags Go Up In Value? What You Need To Know

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Knowing that Saint Laurent is an in-demand luxury brand raises an important question: Do YSL bags go up in value?

Saint Laurent is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world(1,2). We know this to be true not only by the celebrities and influencers who carry the brand’s bags but also through extensive research on the world of luxury.

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag Cinnamon
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Based on market research, The RealReal was able to compile a list of the 10 most in-demand luxury brands(1). YSL earned a top spot on the list, coming in at number 6(1). Considering the many high-end and luxury brands that exist, ranking at number 6 is very respectable! 

If you’re now wondering about that Saint Laurent bag sitting on your shelf, then keep reading. Why? Because we’re about to let you know whether or not YSL bags go up in value, as well as which YSL bags increase in value the most. 

Do YSL Bags Go Up in Value?

YSL Sunset Bag in Black Leather
YSL Sunset Bag

In addition to The RealReal, Rebag has also researched the most popular luxury brands(3). According to their Clair Report (Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale), Rebag has deemed Saint Laurent as one of the most valuable brands of 2022(3). In fact, the brand was ranked in the top 10 list of the biggest brands on Rebag’s Brand Value Index(3). Trailing behind Chanel, but beating out Gucci, YSL earned itself 4th place. So then, do YSL bags increase in value?

Based on Rebag’s and The RealReal’s research findings, no, YSL bags do not increase in value – however, that could change, at least to some degree. 

How else do we know that this could change and that YSL bags could begin to go up in value? Simple: Recent price increases. While it is common for luxury brands to increase their prices from time to time, a brand only increases their prices multiple times in a year – and in a very short period of time – when they know they are popular and in demand. 

YSL LouLou Small Chain Bag In Y-Quilted Suede
YSL LouLou Small Bag

Saint Laurent has increased the prices of their bags twice this year (in May and November), and within 6 months of each other! 

Due to the growing demand and interest in YSL bags, market researchers have declared Saint Laurent as a ‘safe bet’ when it comes to reselling your bags(1,3).

It is worth noting, however, that while the demand and interest in YSL bags have clearly gone up, the demand and interest are still nothing compared to that of other luxury brands, such as Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton(1,3). This is understood with respect to the slight price increases Saint Laurent has placed on their bags…compared to the astronomical price increases that Chanel has placed on theirs!

It’s important to keep this ‘luxury math’ in mind when considering the value of YSL bags. Although YSL is currently gaining traction among consumers, it is possible that in the (near) future people will become captivated by another brand, and will lose some interest in Saint Laurent. Remember: When a brand rises in popularity and demand, the prices and value go up; but when a brand’s popularity decreases, the bags will not go up in value, nor will they hold their value.

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black Yves Saint Laurent
YSL iCare maxi

Further, compared to other brands (such as Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton) YSL bags are more readily available, and can also be purchased in boutiques, as well as online through many different authorized sellers and third-party sellers – unlike Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès, which can be hard to get due to being sold out, not being sold online, extremely high price points, and not being able to buy certain bags unless you are offered one by a sales associate.

This means that although there is increased interest and demand for YSL bags, there is enough of a bag supply to meet the needs of consumers, which only drives up the bag prices by a little bit – compared to Chanel bags, which are priced excessively high because they are hard to get, and people are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on one.

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YSL Lou Camera Bag

Do YSL Bags Lose Value?

Despite being a very popular luxury brand, YSL bags do lose value. Because bags from Saint Laurent are readily available, you won’t be able to sell your bag at a premium on the resale market. Unless someone is getting a really good deal on a bag, it is more likely that a person will buy their bag brand-new, directly from Saint Laurent or another authorized seller (such as a department store). 

YSL LouLou Bag in Cinnamon Suede Gold Hardware
YSL LouLou Small Bag

To put this in perspective, YSL bags only sell between 50%-70% of their original value(3,4,5). In comparison, Louis Vuitton bags have an average retention of 92% at resale, and Chanel bags have an average retention of 87% at resale(5)

Do YSL Bags Retain Value?

Sort of. Whether or not YSL bags retain their value is dependent on several factors. If you are looking to sell a bag that is rare, limited edition, and in high demand, then yes, that YSL bag will hold its value or go up in value. If, however, the Saint Laurent bag is one that is readily available and easy to get, then the bag will not retain its entire value on the resale market.

YSL Kate Medium Chain Bag with Tassel Black
YSL Kate Bag

Currently, Saint Laurent bags resell for around 70% of their original value; this is, however, an increase from 2020, where bags sold for around 57% of their original value, and from 2021, where bags sold for around 64% of their original value(4,5)

It seems that YSL’s increasing popularity in the last two to three years has driven up the prices on the preloved market. If the demand for these bags continues to grow, then it is likely that YSL bags will retain more value than they do, currently. 

It will be interesting to see what happens with Saint Laurent’s popularity in 2023!

YSL LouLou Medium Bag in Storm Leather
YSL LouLou Medium Bag In Quilted Leather

Which YSL Bags Go Up in Value Most?

As mentioned, limited edition bags, as well as bags that are rare and hard to find/consistently sold out will be the ones to go up in value the most. Additionally, if a bag is extremely popular and there is a lot of demand for it, the value will also go up – as once again, people are willing to pay a premium for beautiful and highly-sought after items.

YSL LE 5 À 7 Soft Small Hobo Bag In Smooth Leather
YSL Le 5 à 7 Hobo.

One YSL bag that is worth mentioning, however, is the Le 5 à 7 Hobo. According to research from The RealReal, the Le 5 à 7 Hobo was Saint Laurent’s fastest-selling bag of 2022(1).

As long as the 90s trend of shoulder and baguette bags continues, then this bag could be one to watch in terms of going up in value. To see which bags have increased in value the most, check out the last YSL price increase here.

If you are looking to purchase a YSL bag It’s always worth checking the pre-loved market. Buying pre-loved will not only allow you to save a bit of money (compared to buying a brand-new bag), but you might be able to find older styles that are no longer sold in boutiques – and these bags might be cheaper and more unique.

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There are many options when it comes to shopping for a pre-loved YSL bag online. Here’s a list of some of our favorite online retailers:

Disclaimer: Always be sure to have your bags and pre-loved items authenticated by a third-party to guarantee authenticity.

If you are shopping pre-loved, you can find authentication services here.

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