ULTIMATE YSL iCare Maxi Bag Guide

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YSL iCare Maxi Bag Review

The highly anticipated Saint Laurent iCare maxi bag has confirmed that big bags are officially making a comeback! Since it was initially spotted on the shoulder of YSL brand ambassador Zoë Kravitz, the Saint Laurent iCare immediately became one of the most coveted bags of 2022.

YSL iCare Maxi Bag Black Yves Saint Laurent
iCare Maxi Bag

Crafted entirely from supple and luxurious carré-quilted lambskin leather, the latest release from YSL has a classic yet modern aesthetic. Although the bag lives up to its name and is quite literally maxi in size; Saint Laurent has carefully designed the bag with the everyday woman in mind. 

This must-have shopper tote features an oversized silhouette with the all-new sculpted jewel YSL iconic signature. The bag also includes the ever-so-welcome addition of an equally luxe detachable pouch. The iCare maxi is designed as an everyday piece, with huge luxury appeal. 

Perhaps one of the most sought-after luxury pieces of the season, the YSL iCare maxi has been greatly received by handbag lovers across the world. What do you think of Saint Laurent’s latest release? 

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YSL iCare Maxi Shopper Tote Price

The coveted Saint Laurent iCare is only available in the maxi shopper tote variation, in black quilted lambskin leather. So, how much is the YSL iCare maxi tote?

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iCare Maxi Shopping Bag In Quilted Lambskin
iCare Maxi Bag

Discover the current pricing in the UK, US, and EU for the Saint Laurent iCare maxi shopping bag. All prices were correct as of October 2022. 

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag in Quilted Lambskin, £3150, $4400, Є3500

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YSL iCare Bag Dimensions / What Fits Inside

Currently, the YSL iCare maxi bag is available in one size. This maxi-sized shopper bag features a toggle closure and has one large main compartment. However, the maxi tote also benefits from the removable zipped pouch for additional organization and security. 

The Saint Laurent iCare maxi bag is most definitely a maxi-sized bag! The dimensions of this shopping tote are 22.8 x 16.9 x 3.1 inches; which makes it perfectly suited to everyday use as well as travel. As the name suggests, the bag is incredibly roomy in size, and can therefore hold all of your daily essentials, and anything else you may ever need, and more! 

iCare Maxi Tote Bag In Quilted Lambskin
iCare Maxi Bag

The toggle closure enables you to wear the bag in two different ways; you can wear the bag with the sides closed, or fully open – this alters the silhouette of the bag itself. As the shopping tote is crafted entirely from incredibly soft quilted lambskin, you can find that the bag expands naturally. Although it may be hard to find your essentials inside such a vast shopping tote, the ever-so-handy matching quilted pouch can help you to organise your contents. This equally beautiful zipped pouch is removable and attaches to the main bag with a metal chain toggle.  

How to style the YSL iCare Maxi Bag

The beauty of the YSL iCare maxi bag is that although it is an incredibly luxurious piece, it is the perfect shopper tote for everyday use. 

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Styled
iCare Maxi Bag

The Saint Laurent iCare suits a laid-back look perfectly and looks amazing with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans for an off-duty yet polished look. Equally the bag works perfectly with a sophisticated workwear look and can elevate any little black dress; the perfect handbag companion for your daily work commute!

Since its initial release, the Saint Laurent iCare maxi has been worn by countless celebrities. All have styled the oversized tote in their own personal way, which shows just how truly versatile the iCare tote is. Worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and YSL brand ambassador Zoë Kravitz, the Saint Laurent Icare is a firm favourite. Now that’s quite some celebrity endorsement!

Is The New iCare Shopper Tote Worth It?

Although the Saint Laurent iCare shopper tote may currently be one of the most highly sought-after pieces within the world of luxury; is it worth it?

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black
iCare Maxi Bag

Big bags are most certainly making a comeback, and this luxurious shopping bag is the perfect elevated classic tote. The black soft quilted lambskin is absolutely timeless, and this bag has an incredibly classic design, and therefore won’t go out of style. 

The YSL iCare shopper tote offers a young and fresh aesthetic, which is likely to appeal to many handbag lovers since it is both practical, functional, and beautiful! Would you purchase the YSL iCare shopper tote?

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Where to buy the YSL iCare Bag

The Saint Laurent iCare shopper bag is available to purchase directly from the YSL website, as well as in boutiques. Currently, due to its sheer popularity, it is quite hard to get your hands on! 

iCare Maxi Shopping Bag Black Yves Saint Laurent
iCare Maxi Bag

As expected, due to the vast amount of celebrity endorsement prior to its release, the iCare maxi sold out almost immediately. The bag is currently still available for pre-order from the online Saint Laurent website. However, if you are feeling lucky, it may be worth visiting your local Saint Laurent boutique to try and score this year’s hottest oversized bag!  

Alternatively, looking at the pre-loved market is a great option. Buying pre-loved will not only allow you to save a bit of money (compared to buying a brand-new bag), but you might be able to find older styles that are no longer sold in boutiques – and these bags might be cheaper and more unique (since they are not as in-demand as some of the classic models).

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