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11 Best YSL Bags To Invest In 2022

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What Are The Best YSl Bags?

If you’re in the market for a new YSL bag you might be wondering, what is the best YSL bag? After all, designer bags are a hefty investment so it’s important that you do your research before buying to ensure you don’t get one you won’t use or love.

YSl bags sunset and blogger bag best invest ysl bag

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. My name is Steph and after collecting designer bags for over 10 years, I have had my fair share of YSL bags and regularly check out new styles in the store. From the Saint Laurent bags I’ve owned, currently have and by checking out new styles I’ve compiled the ultimate list featuring 11 of the best YSL bags that you can buy right now.

If you want to see some of these bags in action, be sure to join me on Youtube where I regularly review YSL bags and more.

1 – YSL Sunset Bag

One of the most popular bags (and my personal favourite) from Saint Laurent is the sunset bag. The sunset is a no-fuss bag that has some great features including its structure.

YSL Sunset Bag Medium Vintage Blanc White Leather


  • Available in four different sizes to cater to all needs, including a small wallet on chain, small, medium and large.
  • Well structured, this bag looks great even when it’s not full
  • Pocket on the bag of the larger sizes, making for a great place to keep your mobile phone for easy access
  • A wide range of colours and hardware colour collaborations
  • Adjustable strap so you can use this as a shoulder bag (double the straps), or lengthen for a crossbody.


  • The bag in larger sizes can get heavy, smaller sizes are better for everyday use if weight is an important consideration when it comes to the Sunset bag.
  • The YSL front plaque can scratch easily. Use hardware protectors to stop this from happening.
  • Only available in leather options.

If you’re seriously considering a YSL sunset bag, read the in-depth blog here for size comparison, review and prices of the bag.

2 – YSL LouLou Bag

A close second after the Sunset, the LouLou bag is fast becoming an all-time favourite with designer bag love due to its simple, stylish look and practical sizing. The chevron-quilted style with a simple YSL logo on the front of the bag makes it trendy, yet also classic looking that can be paired with many outfits effortlessly.

YSL Saint Laurent LouLou Bag Small in Storm grey with gold hardware


  • Available in four sizes starting with the toy (smallest), small, medium and large to cater to different needs
  • Compartments inside of the bag helps with organizing the bag
  • Available in a large range of fabrics including leather, tweed and suede.
  • Lots of beautiful colour combinations are available to choose from. The dark burgundy with gold hardware, cinnamon coloured suede and storm grey with gold hardware are stunning choices.
  • Adjustable strap to use as a shoulder bag or crossbody
YSL LouLou bag small and toy size
YSL Small Loulou in Suede Cinnamon and Toy size bag


  • No pocket on the back of the bag
  • Compartments inside of the bag can limit you putting larger items inside of the bag.
  • No feet on the bottom of the bag
YSL small loulou bag being worn storm grey

3 – YSL Joe Backpack

A new style of bag from YSL is the Joe backpack. Made from a luxurious lambskin, if you’re in the market for a new designer backpack, this could be a great option. This designer backpack features all the hallmarks of a YSL bag including the logo and chevron detailed stitching.

YSL Joe backpack black and white colour


  • Has a large pocket on the front for additional storage
  • Simple design will lend itself easily to pairing with many outfits
  • Is available in seasonal colours and fabrics such as shearling and sequins.


  • Front pocket is only a magnetic closure, not providing much security
  • Due to the shape of the backpack it may not fit certain sized laptops inside

4 – YSl Puffer Bag

Bang on-trend, the YSL puffer bag is also becoming a fast-favourite of Saint Laurent fans. The quilting and structure of the puffer bag are softer and more casual looking compared to its sister, the LouLou bag. The quilts are bigger and the bag has a more ‘cushion’ look and feel to it.

YSL Puffer Bag Small Suede in colour cinnamon with gold hardware


  • Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics
  • Available in 4 different sizes including toy (smallest), small, medium and large
  • Chain can be doubled as a shoulder strap or lengthened to be worn as a crossbody bag
YSL Shearling puffer bag medium being worn


  • May be considered so on-trend that it might not be a ‘classic’ style of bag over the coming years
  • No pocket on the back of the bag
  • No feet are on the bottom of the bag

5 – YSl Envelope Bag

If you’re looking for an in-between of the LouLou’s good looks and the Sunsets incredible structure, then be sure to look at the YSL envelope bag. This bag is simple and the inspiration is in the name – an envelope!

YSL Black Envelope Bag Small Gold Hardware


  • Well structured, it can keep its shape even when nothing is inside
  • Available in various sizes including small, medium and large
  • A wide range of colours and fabrics available, including shearling trim.
  • Large pocket on the back of the bag, suitable for keeping items such as a mobile phone for easy access.


  • Common wear and tear of the envelope bag include the corners of the bag
  • The bag only features one main compartment inside, which can make larger versions harder to organize.

6 – YSL Manhatten Bag

If you’re looking for an understated, elegant bag that has Hermes Kelly bag looks (for a fraction of the price), then the Manhatten bag from Saint Laurent could be the one for you. It features a buckle strap around the front and buckle holders to keep it in place.

YSL Saint Laurent Manhatten Bag Black and Tan


  • Small branding with no large YSL logos, if this is more your style for an understated look.
  • Adjustable shoulder / crossbody strap
  • Available in a wide range of colours and materials including leather, ostrich leather and canvas.
  • A few sizes to choose from including nano (smallest), small, medium and large.
  • Larger sizes can accomodate a laptop
  • Feet on the bottom of the bag


  • Only one main compartment inside which could be a pro or con, but overall make the larger bags less easy to organize.
  • Slightly more complicated opening than other bags, making it less easy to get into quickly (but more secure)

7 – Kate Bag

A classic from the brand that’s not going anywhere, anytime soon is the YSL Kate bag. Its simple style lends itself to most occasions, especially as a designer evening bag that looks effortless.

YSL kate bag front and inside


  • Simple design looks elegant and will stand the test of time
  • Available in a wide range of colour options and hardware combinations including gold, silver and black
  • Come in a range of material options including leather, suede, shearling and limited edition prints (seasonal)
  • The kate bag holds its shape and structure well
  • Is available in a waist bag style


  • No feet on the bottom of the bag
  • One main compartment inside of the bag can make it harder to organize
  • Due to the bags shape, it generally cannot stand up on its own and needs to be laid down

8 – YSl Sac De Jour Bag

If the puffer and chevron style of the Saint Laurent bag isn’t for you, then the Sac De Jour with its Hermes Birkin bag good-looks and style could be a great choice. The Sac De Jour is a popular choice of designer work bag with its rectangular shape and ability to concertina out it’s a great shape to be able to accommodate larger items such as notepads, books and bottles.

YSL Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag Small Mock Croc Black


  • Comes in four different sizes including nano (smallest), baby, small, large and ‘carry all’ (extra large)
  • Has a Hermes Birkin style look (without the Hermes price tag)
  • Wide range of sizes to accomodate larger items such as laptops
  • Feet on the bottom of the bag
  • Detachable shoulder / crossbody straps make this bag even more practical for everyday use


  • Large opening with no closure means you can see all items inside of the bag and doesn’t have much security
  • Due to the bags structure and shape, larger sizes can be heavy

9 – College Bag

The YSL college bag is a popular choice of every day and for good reason, it’s stylish yet practical and its look lends itself to a more casual vibe. The college bag has a simple magnetic clasp opening and features the YSL logo on the front. It’s very similar to its sister, the LouLou with chevron detail stitching, but arguably looks more ‘everyday and casual.

YSL college bag in blanc vintage white leather gold hardware


  • More casual than other styles lending itself well to an everyday look
  • Large pocket on the back of the bag, perfect for your mobile phone
  • A wide range of sizes available
  • comes with two strap options including a detachable tophandle, and crossbosy / shoulder strap that is adjustable.


  • Only two sizes are available, medium and large. We would describe the ‘medium’ as more of a small size.
  • Bottom of the bag and corners are prone to wear, no feet on the bottom of the bag

10 – Kaia Satchel Bag

If you’re looking for a great, simple structured everyday crossbody bag then the Kaia Satchel is a great option. It looks elegant and comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all preferences. From cream shearling trims to python prints, this has got to be one of the best crossbody bags from the brand.

YSL kaia satchel bag


  • Various shapes and sizes of the bag
  • Fabric and leather options to cater to different preferences of fabrics
  • Purpose built to be a crossbody body
  • Great structure which looks good even when the bag isn’t completely full
  • Adjustable straps so you can get the bag to fit your body


  • Crossbody bag / longer shoulder bag only
  • Cannot stand up by itself, it would need lieing down

11 – YSL Shopper Tote

One of the best, most classic bags from Saint Laurent is the shopper tote bag. These totes are great designer options for a classic, easy to use, essential style of bag. They are simple openings at the top, with a smaller pouch inside of the bag that can be detached.

Saint laurent shopper tote bag


  • Simple design that doesn’t feature a large logo, for a more understated look
  • Detachable small pouch to enable you to store valuable items and keep them safe in the bag including a small purse or phone.


  • The slouchy style means the bag will struggle to hold its shape. Use a bag liner to help the bag keep its structure.
  • No feet on the bottom of the bag, leading to potential wear to the bottom corners of the bag.

Best YSL Crossbody Bag

Do you love a good crossbody bag? I certainly do! They allow for a hands-free experience and ensure that your bag is always in a great place to be accessed when you need anything inside.

There are two crossbody bags from YSL that I think are great, the first one is the Lou camera bag. This is the ultimate head-to-the-shops grab-and-go kinda bag. No-fuss. It has a zipper opening that goes around the sides of the bag, making it easy to access everything inside.

Whilst the Saint Laurent Lou Camera bag is one of the most popular styles of the bag from the brand if you’re looking for something a little different, the Solferino is another great option.

The Solferino bag from YSL features a simple flap opening and closing, again making it super easy to get inside and access your belongings when you need them. Since it’s less well-known, you’re much less likely to see someone else with the same bag. Personally, I think the caramel tan colours with gold hardware are to-die-for.

YSL Lou camera crossbody bag
YSL Lou camera bag

Best YSL Bag For Everyday

The best YSL bag for every day has got to be the LouLou or the College bag (I’ll share the differences now). The YSL LouLou bag comes in four different sizes, toy, small, medium and large to cater to your personal needs and what you need to carry on an everyday basis. It’s simple, has a flap closure and three compartments inside, making it easy to organise your things.

The LouLou bag also comes in a vast array of colours (storm grey with gold hardware being a personal favourite), as well as luxurious suede and tweeds to add warmth and texture to your look. You can alter the straps to use it in different ways – double them for an elegant shoulder bag, or lengthen fully for a crossbody bag – perfect.

The College bag on the other hand looks a little more casual, but it does have some added benefits such as a large pocket on the back of the bag (perfect for easy access to your mobile phone). It has a removable top handle or long-chain strap, so you don’t have to cart around the long chain if you don’t use it.

Best YSL Top Handle Bag

Do you love a good top handle when it comes to your designer bag selection? YSL has that base covered too. Popular with influencers, the Cassandra bag is a great choice. The Cassandra bag has a shoulder/crossbody strap option as well as a handy top handle to carry the bag with.

It’s also worth noting that the College bag also has a leather top handle (which can be removed) and still remains one of the most popular choices of bag.

Best YSL Evening Bag

Looking for a YSL bag that will go effortlessly from a casual shopping trip to a cocktail brunch and beyond? Look no further than my personal favourite – the YSL Sunset bag.

The Saint Laurent Sunset bag, in my opinion, oozes elegance. You can choose from an array of sizes (medium is my favourite) and colour combinations. Make a statement with a lipstick red with gold hardware, or keep it simple with luxurious smooth black leather and gold hardware.

YSL sunset bag black and gold

Best YSL Bag For Work

If you want to find the perfect YSL bag to use for taking to work, you have a few options that are great depending on your needs.

The first YSL bag that works really well for work is the Sac De Jour bag. Again, this comes in various sizes to accommodate needing to carry larger items. The Sac De Jour bag gives on understated Hermes Birkin bag vibes and doesn’t feature a huge logo, just a small ‘Saint Laurent’ stamp on the front. The bag can concertina out at the sides making more room, and the best part – it also comes with a detachable shoulder/crossbody strap, making it a great choice for those days you need to carry more weight.

If you want more privacy than the Sac De Jour bag can give you (which is open at the top, like a tote), then why not try the Niki bag. This is a crossbody bag with a simple and easy flap opening. It has multiple compartments too, keeping your belongings organized.

It’s also worth noting that work bags can start to get… well… heavy. By the time you’ve packed your essentials, snacks, drink, and everything work-related if you need to carry your bag on walks etc. you might want to consider a YSL Joe backpack. A backpack is a much better way of distributing the weight of the bag across your body, making it much easier to carry and less likely to cause you shoulder pain. You can opt for a simple black or white lambskin, or why not go all out – you should get a shimmering gold or long shearling for a wow factor (shearling option wouldn’t be great in the rain, it’s worth noting!).

Are YSL Bags A Good Investment?

Buying any designer bag generally required a fairly hefty financial investment, so it’s always worth thinking about whether a certain bag or brand is a good investment. I hear you – “Steph, what makes a good investment?”

A good ‘investment’ bag is one that has a good resale price if you decide to sell the bag in one day. there are a few key things here that will affect the resale value of the bag:

  1. Colour of the bag (stick to popular colours such as back, grey and tan where possible. Gold hardware also has a better re-sale value generally compared to silver.
  2. Style of the bag – the more popular the bag, the more it’s desired
  3. Condition of the bag. Try to keep your bag in tip-top condition by purchasing a bag liner (protecting the lining of your bag), cleanser and condition (for regular cleans + kill bacteria) and hardware proctors (to stop scratches, which YSL placques on front of bags are prong to getting).

Do YSL bags make a good investment then? Overall, yes they aren’t bad investments. They are highly desirable, especially in key colours. YSL also regularly increase their prices, especially on popular bags helping to fuel the pre-loved market. Price increase blogs are recorded here so you can see price differences.

Are YSL Bags Good Quality?

Yes, YSl bags generally speaking are of good quality. They feature luxurious leathers and their simple, stylish designs lend themselves well to a well-made bag.

Quality issues, such as hardware scratching (especially the YSL logo featured on the front of particular bags), arise once the bag is in use. Hardware protectors can help solve this.

Choosing a YSL Bag That Will Suit Your Lifestyle

Now that you know about some of the best YSL bags, choosing one of these gorgeous designer bags can feel challenging – it’s easy to want them all. I get it.

That’s why before making any major purchase, it’s worth looking at the bags you currently use a lot (or don’t use). Think about how this bag will best fit into your life. If it’s just an evening bag then you can head straight to something like the Sunset bag.

Also, take a look at your wardrobe – do you gravitate to more neutral colour pallets or bright colours? Do you enjoy clashing colours or a simple, elegant black that will go with everything? With lots of amazing bag colours from YSL, it’s worth making sure you opt for one that works well for you.

If you want to play is safe, black, tan and grey are always easy to style and generally have good resale values.

Best Place To Buy A YSL Bag

You’re sold – a new YSL is on the horizon. Where’s the best place to buy a YSL bag from? To put it simply, the YSL website is a great place to start. Going straight to the source will show you pre-order items (ones that won’t be in boutiques yet), and all the current season colour and fabric options.

Want to see what’s available on the pre-loved market when it comes to YSL bags? There’s no doubt that by buying pre-loved you’ll be supporting a more circular economy and can make a nice saving. My favourite place to shop for pre-loved YSL bags is eBay.

*DISCLAIMER – This blog contains affiliate links, which at NO cost to you I may earn a small commission if you purchase something after clicking a link. I appreciate your support by using these links which enables me to create this content.

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