9 Of Queen Elizabeths Favourite Bags

9 of Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite Bags

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Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite Bags 

Queen Elizabeth’s bag collection may not be widely diverse but it is certainly elegant and timeless. Amongst Queen Elizabeth’s favourite bags, you will find a variety from Launer. Queen Elizabeth famously remained loyal to the Launer brand with her choice of bags, her black patent top handle Launer bag, the Traviata, is known to be the most iconic and worn bag of her collection.

Other Launer customers include the Duchess of Cornwall, Baroness Thatcher, and Dame Judi Dench.  Launer’s CEO Gerald Bodmer spoke of the Queen and claimed “She once told me that she doesn’t feel dressed without a bag,”… Maybe the Queen wasn’t that much different to us fellow handbag lovers after all. 

You can buy directly from the Launer website, however, there are often wait times on orders due to high demand so it’s always worth checking pre-loved sites such as eBay and Vestiaire Collective.

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September 2022, The Queen greets the Prime Minister wearing her Launer Traviata handbag in patent black leather.

1. Launer Traviata Handbag

Price: $3250 / £2400

Launer London Traviata Black Patent Handbag

The Traviata handbag is notably one of the Queen’s favourites, throughout the Queen’s reign we have seen her wear her Launer Traviata handbag numerous times. It’s worth noting, the Queen’s own Traviata is customised including a longer handle to allow her to wear the bag more comfortably.

The Traviata handbag has a structured silhouette with a slight trapezium shape. The opening is secured by Launer’s signature stylized shaped flap. Launers signature twist emblem sits proudly on the front of the handbag centered on the flap. Launers emblem is in keeping with the bags timeless style, the gold textured twist embellishment resembles a broach and is an elegant, prominent feature of the bag.

Inside the handbag, you’ll find a suede lining with a suede label stitched inside. The label includes the Royal Warrant earned by Launer from her Majesty you’ll also find a removable rectangle mini leather mirror inside. The bag is split into two and is divided directly in the middle. Also included are two smaller open pockets on either side of the divider. The bag also comes with a leather strap that can be attached to gold detailing at either side of the handle.

Although the black patent black leather Traviata was Queen Elizabeth’s choice it does not have to be yours. Launer offers customisation with their Traviata handbag allowing you to choose the leather finish and the colour for each segment.

2. Launer Judi Handbag

Price: $2705 / £2000

Launer London Judi Handbag In Black Smooth Calf Skin

Made famous by Queen Elizabeth’s beloved cameo with the Paddington bear, the Launer Judi Handbag shares many similarities with the Queen’s penultimate bag – the Traviata. Described as a “mini Traviata style bag” by Launer itself the bag does however have a more obvious difference.

Watch the Queen in action and see the ever-famous Judi handbag on screen.

The Queens Bag Paddington Bear

Similarly, the Judi shares the same Traviata signatures: The stylized flap, the elegant emblem taking center stage and the subtle trapezium shape. However, the Judi handbag differentiates itself from the Traviata by its overall size.

The Judi measures at: Length 19.5cm x Height 15.0cm x Base 7.5cm where as the Traviata is larger with the measurements: Length 23.5cm x Height 20cm (31cm inc/handle) x Depth 10cm. Although not drastic, the size is very noticeably different.

The Judi embodies all the character beloved by the Queen but is modernised by its smaller compact size making it must easier for the bag to transition from a day to date night look.

3. Launer Traviata Handbag in Special Leather

Ostrich Leather Price: $9880 / £7300

Croc Leather Price: $10,150 / £7500

Whilst it’s not public knowledge that Queen Elizabeth owns a Traviata in a special leather, we like to imagine she had one sitting proudly amongst her collection just for her own enjoyment and love of Launer bags.

The two available options for a Traviata bag in a special leather are Ostrich and Croc. Both types of leather add a more luxurious overall look and feel to the bag as well as adding character to an otherwise minimalist design. We can’t help but think of the Ostrich Birkin from Hermes when we see the Traviata in Ostrich leather.

Whilst the Traviata in the two special kinds of leather won’t set you back as much as a Birkin, you’re definitely paying for the added luxury. The Ostrich Leather Traviata from Launer costs $9880 / £7300 and the Croc Leather Traviata at a slightly higher price of $10,150 / £7500.

Once again, both bags offer customisation, included is the choice of colour for the outer leather and the colour for the inner suede lining. Unlike the traditional Traviata, you can’t select a colour for each segment only one colour for the entire outer leather.

4. Launer Juliet Handbag

Price: $3925 / £2900

Launer London Juliet Handbag in Black

Are you seeing double… triple? It’s easy to see the similarity between Launers most popular bags. However, the subtle differences can be huge for people like us – bag lovers. The Launer Juliet Handbag is another sister of the Traviata, only this time she’s the big sister. The Juliet is slightly larger allowing for more space inside the bag.

Measuring at: Length 26.5cm x Height 24cm (35cm inc/handle) x Depth 10cm. The difference would be happily welcomed by those who tend to carry more than just the essentials. Whilst the Juliet isn’t a laptop bag by any means it certainly could carry an added tumbler and notebook along side your essentials.

The Juliet also has a zip compartment, unlike the Traviata, as well as an extra-long shoulder strap and a back pocket. Although from a quick glance, they are highly similar, the added extra details make the Juliet a bag that offers more organisation and security. You will pay an additional $675 / £500 compared to the price of the original Traviata but for those who need more room it’s a small price to pay for daily use.

5. Launer Lisa Handbag

Price: $2435 / £1800

Launer London Lisa Handbag

The Launer Lisa Hangbag from Launer is incredibly special. The design is most similar to the bespoke Launer handbag worn by the Queen at the Royal wedding between William and Kate. The very same bag and occasion caused Launer’s website to crash and sales to skyrocket.

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April 2011, Queen Elizabeth is seen wearing her bespoke version of the Lisa handbag by Launer at the Royal wedding between William and Kate.

The Lisa Handbag is instantly recognisable and stands out amongst other Launer designs. The external open pocket and interior zip compartment are the two main differences compared to the Traviata, Juliet and Judi.

Inside you will find a suede lining with an additional phone pocket as well as the leather-covered mirror you find in most Launer handbags. The Lisa too can be customised with the choice of choosing the colour of the handle, body, gusset and suede lining.

6. Launer Bellini Bag

Price: $4195 / £3100

Launer London Bellini Handbag Black Leather

Claimed by Launer to be one of her Majesty the Queen’s favourite bags, the Bellini feels a much more airy choice due to its soft leather and curved flap. The bag also has a rectangle silhouette with adjacent curved edges unlike most of Launer’s designs.

Launer London Bellini Handbag Interior

The Bellini handbag by Launer is traditional in shape and timeless in style. Inside you will find a zip compartment that acts as a divider for two similar size open compartments. The Belline is suede lined which, again, can be customised by the choice of colour via their website. Each item is handmade to order using Launer’s fine traditional craftsmanship which is evident in the quality finish of each bag.

7. Launer Royale Handbag

Price: $3790 / £2800

Launer London Royale Black Patent Handbag

A perfectly fitting name, the Launer Royale Handbag has been seen carried by her majesty many times. In patent black leather of course although the bag – in true Launer style – is available in a variety of coloured designs thanks to the customisation option Launer offers.

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February 2012, Queen Elizabeth II wears her Launer bespoke Lisa bag for a visit to King’s Lynn Town Hall as she celebrates Accession Day and 60 years on the throne.

Shown in patent black leather (the Queen’s preferred style) the Royale like most Launer designs is actually available in smooth calfskin or patent leather. One of the unique features of the Launer Royale handbag is the triumphant arc of the handle but remember the version the Queens wearing has probably been altered as she likes her bags to hang a little lower.

The inside reflects that of the Bellini with three compartments separated by the middle zip compartment. The stylised flap takes on a slightly different shape to the Traviata and the golden Launer embellishment once again takes center stage.

Launer Bags History with Queen Elizabeth II

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When buying from the Launer brand it’s hard not to feel like you’re buying into an iconic history and that’s because you are. The relationship between the Launer brand and her majesty goes back as far as the 1960s but was made official in 1968 when the brand received a Warrant from the Queen herself. The warrant is given to companies who have supplied and charged the Royal Family (or their household) with products for a minimum of five years. The Warrant allows the brand to display the Royal Warrant crest and promote its association with the Royal Family. 

Given that the Queen was possibly the most photographed woman in the world and was always seen with her Launer bag, the brand didn’t need the official Warrant to draw in sales but it certainly helps legitimize the quality of their bags. If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us.

Queen Elizabeths Bag Style

It’s evident in our rundown of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite bags that her bag style was simple and understated. Her choice of chic bags allowed them to be worn time and time again with multiple, and very colourful, outfits.

We’ve once again been reminded that a black bag is a must-have staple in any bag collection! A black bag is the ultimate versatile colour choice, easily transitioned from day to night and able to work with a variety of looks.

We’ve lined up two extra special bags for those who love the Launer look but are looking for something a little different.

8. Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle Handbag

Price: $2900 / £2060

Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle Handbag

If you’re looking for something that’s inspired by the Launer look, the Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle Handbag would be the perfect bag to consider. The Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle Handbag shares many similarities with a classic Launer design. The trapezium shape and structured silhouette allow for the Launer look whereas the chunky gold detailing and straight edge flap are what make the bag stand out.

The bag feels bolder and bigger in character with its large ring embellished closure whilst still feeling elegant and chic with brushed-off calfskin leather. The bag is made in Italy making it feel all the more luxurious so whilst it may not be British it’s certainly beautiful.

9. Celine Classique 16 Handbag

Price: $4500 / £3150

Celine Classique 16 Handbag Black In Satinated Calf Skin

For those who admire the sophisticated aesthetic that a Launer handbag encompasses but would prefer a more relaxed and youthful structure, the Celine Classique 16 Handbag could be Traviata’s distant, distant cousin you’re looking for.

Loosley following the genetic make-up of a Launer Handbag, the Celine Classique 16 also includes a rigid traditional leather handle, gold metal detailing, a central logo embellishment and a rounded edge stylized flap.

The Celine Classique 16 is made of patinated calfskin leather, the bag includes an outer flat pocket under the flap and a twist lock closure. The main features that completely differentiate the bag from the famous Traviata are the one large compartment and the added Celine padlock on a leather key cover on the front of the bag. These stark differences make the bag a much more relaxed day-to-day bag. The bag also comes with a strap, being able to wear the bag over the shoulder is always a great added feature.

Measuring at: 32 X 23.5 X 13 CM, the Celine Classique 16 could be a perfect work handbag. Both sophisticated and practical as it is able to fit a standard 13″ laptop. The bag may not off been worn by a royal but it doesn’t make it any less regal.

Queen Elizabeths Launer Bags 

The Queens Launer bag collection is made even more special by the fact that she would modify the bags with alterations such as longer handles (to allow for easy handshaking) and smaller discreet add-ons such as additional pockets. Whilst you can’t purchase the exact bags (and their modifications) the Queen wore, you can buy the Launer bags that are strikingly similar to her own. The Queen was most commonly seen wearing her black leather Royale, black patent leather Traviata and a third custom Launer handbag from Launer.

Like the Queen, you too can customize your Launer bag. You have the option to choose your leather finish from the choice of Calf Skin, Patent, or Mock Crock. As well as being able to choose the colour of each segment of the bag i.e the handle, the flap and the gusset. The room for creativity means that you too can create a bag that feels bespoke.  It also means that whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist you can purchase a Launer bag to reflect your style.

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May 2022, The Queen enjoys the Royal Windsor Horse Show wearing her bespoke Launer handbag in her favoured patent black leather.

Buy Launer Bags Preloved

Has a bag sold out?

With the Queen’s endorsement of Launer London, their bags are often on a preorder basis. And with the Majesty’s recent passing, the wait times have become even longer. This is where buying pre-loved can be really helpful. When it comes to shopping for pre-owned bags, we always recommend only shopping at resellers where you can benefit from their authentication services, such as:

We strongly recommend that when you purchase any pre-loved designer piece, you should always get it authenticated by a reputable authentication service for peace of mind and protection. You can find authentication services here.

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