LV Crafty Collection Review & Prices 2020

Louis Vuitton LV Crafty 2020 Collection First Thoughts

Louis Vuitton has done it again with another vibrant, eye-catching fun limited edition print – introducing the new LV crafty collection for Autumn/Winter 2020. The Crafty collection is a fun ultra-graphic print that worked onto some of the brand’s classic bag styles and accessories.

The print is almost tribal-esque in its appearance with bold lines and giant monogram and comes in a range of bright, yet autumn/winter feel colour palette. From deep reds to caramel, creams, and black, this new crafty collection lends itself beautifully to becoming a ‘stand out’ piece of any autumn/winter outfit. However, with its tribal vibes, the collection is also perfect for travel and isn’t just limited to the darker months.

The Crafty collection is fairly similar to last year’s (2019) jungle collection, which featured the same giant monogram print with black, rustic orange tones and animal patterns worked into the monogram print.

LV Crafty Collection Full Range and Price List

Below is the full bag collection in this new limited edition print from Louis Vuitton with UK and US price comparisons.

It’s clear the new Louis Vuitton 2020 price increase is now in full swing after the COVID-19 outbreak, with some of the base models in this collection being at least £100 more than the last limited edition Escale collection which was released earlier in the year.

ImageLV Crafty Bag StyleColour OptionsPrice £Price $
louis vuitton crafty capucines black bag 2020 collection handbagCrafty Capucines PM– Black£4200$
louis vuitton crafty onthego tote bag gm embossed leather cream 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxOnTheGo GM Embossed Leather– Cream
louis vuitton crafty 2020 collection onthego tote bag cream caramel handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty OnTheGo GM– Cream / Caramel
– Cream / Red
louis vuitton crafty Twiat MM 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Twist MM– Black
– Cream
louis vuitton crafty Alma PM bag 2020 collection handbagCrafty Alma PM– Black£2290$3300
louis vuitton crafty Pochette Metis Bag 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Pochette Metis– Cream
– Noir
louis vuitton crafty keepall 45 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Keepall BANDOULIÈRE 45– Cream / Caramel£1810$2630
louis vuitton crafty neonoe cream red bag 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty NÉONOÉ MM– Cream / Red£1600$2400
louis vuitton crafty neonoe cream and black bag 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty NÉONOÉ MM Embossed Leather– Cream
– Caramel
louis vuitton crafty speedy cream caramel 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Speedy BANDOULIÈRE 25– Cream / Caramel£1540$2310
louis vuitton crafty Neverfull MM Cream Caramel 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Neverfull MM– Cream / Caramel
– Cream / Red
louis vuitton crafty trio pouch 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Trio Pouch– Cream / Caramel / Black£1300$
louis vuitton crafty double zip pochette 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Double Zip Pochette– Cream / Caramel£1000$1570
louis vuitton crafty zippy wallet 2020 collection purseCrafty Zippy Wallet– Cream / Caramel£635$990
louis vuitton crafty toiletry pouch 26 pochette toilette 2020 collection handbag icon handbagholic 200x200pxCrafty Pochette Toilette 26– Cream / Caramel£425$675
*Please note, prices are correct as of the 24th July 2020 and may change.

LV Crafty Collection Video Review

Watch one of our latest videos on YouTube where we chat about initial thoughts on this collection, our favorite pieces, and where to buy limited edition Louis Vuitton bags if they’re sold out.

Our Top Picks from the LV Crafty Collection

After reviewing the entire collection, our favourite pieces from the Louis Vuitton Crafty collection are listed below. Don’t forget to comment below and let us know your favourite piece from this stunning collection.

Louis Vuitton Crafty Collection Pre-Fall 2020 NeoNoe Red and Black

1. Crafty Neverfull MM In Cream / Caramel

Out of this entire collection, when we consider print, price, and the overall look the must-have piece from this collection has got to be the Neverfull MM.

It packs as much of a punch as the OnTheGo tote in the cream and caramel colour combination, yet has a much more reasonable price tag. The Neverfull bag’s more casual look lends itself to the fun, light-hearted nature of this bold collection nicely and we particularly love the mini-monogram lining.

Louis Vuitton LV Crafty Neverfull MM Limited Edition Cream Caramel

2. Crafty Speedy Bandouliere 25 in Cream / Caramel

Our second choice is another classic that looks great with this print, the Speedy bag. We love that this limited edition crafty print has been worked onto the smaller Speedy 25 – most limited edition speedy bags are the 30 size.

Louis Vuitton LV Speedy 25 Crafty Giant Monogram Cream Caramel

3. Crafty Pochette Toilette / Toiletry 26 Pouch

The Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 is incredibly popular due to its much more reasonable price point that other bags from Louis Vuitton, and it lends itself to becoming a clutch bag easily.

Due to the simple shape and size of the toilette pouch, we think this print combination is a clear winner. Don’t forget your toiletry pouch conversion kit to turn your bag into a shoulder/crossbody bag for even more ways to wear it.

Louis Vuitton LV Crafty Print Toiletry Pouch 26 Toilette

Louis Vuitton Crafty Collection Materials and Colour Ways

LV Crafty Collection Materials

The new collection from LV features two main types of materials, the first is the coated canvas version of bags, the second is the embossed leather versions of bags which demand a higher premium.

Personally, we think the coated canvas versions of this collection look more fun than the embossed leather versions and are much more reasonable in terms of price. For example, the coated canvas OnTheGo tote bag retails at £1910 with its leather counterpart retailing at £2800 – a price difference of a whopping £890.

LV Crafty Collection Colour Ways

The colours in this collection are beautiful, with our favourite being the cream and caramel canvas versions (can you already tell by our top picks?). Other colours ways include cream and red, and cream and black. The more premium bags in this range, such as the capucines and twist-lock mainly feature black leather with the crafty print as accents and accessories.

Louis Vuitton Crafty collection cream and caramel and red and cream canvas
Crafty LV Canvas Cream & Caramel (top), Cream and Red (bottom)

How to care for a Louis Vuitton Crafty Bag

The LV Crafty bag collection is mostly made from its standard monogram canvas with leather trims and calf leather. To care for your new crafty bag, care for this in the same way you would any Louis Vuitton monogram and leather. We recommend a leather cleanser to regularly wipe down the exterior of your bag and then use a conditioner on the leather trims of the bag. Apply this with a clean, soft cloth. We highly recommended this deep cleanser and conditioner set and completing this every few months, or more often if you use the bag on a daily basis.

Luxury Handbag Liners for you Louis Vuitton Bags

If you’re a lucky new owner of a Louis Vuitton Crafty collection bag or plan to own one soon, don’t forget your handbag essentials such as a luxury handbag liner. With the Neverfull, Speedy, and Neo Noe bag in this crafty print, the linings are a bright vivid orange that would easily show-up marks and dirt, so a liner is a no-brainer investment.

Where to Buy a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Crafty Bag

The Louis Vuitton crafty bag collection is only sold directly via Louis Vuitton from one of their boutiques worldwide or website. Sadly, collections like this sell out and it may mean that you can no longer get your dream bag via the brand directly. If this is the case, we advise checking out the range of pre-loved bags on eBay. We also regularly feature limited edition, hard to find Louis Vuitton bags on our top designer bag deals page, so don’t forget to check back on a regular basis to see what rare finds we feature!

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