Leather Protection Cleanser & Conditioner Set with Cloth


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Ensure your luxury leather handbags and items stand the test of time by using this three-piece leather protection cleaner set.

How to Use Leather Cleaner

  1. Use the deep cleanser and lightly clean the entire handbag (or leather product) to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Next, condition and nourish the leather with this deep protection conditioner. This luxurious protection cream helps to re-instate the leather scent back into old and new leather products.
  3. Let the handbag air-dry and let the conditioner start nourishing the leather. After 10 minutes, we advise gently buffing with a clean, dry cloth before storing your leather product away in a dust bag, etc.

This set comes with a free cleaning cloth to use with your cleanser and leather conditioner.


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