Leather Renovation Repair Kit with Colour Restorer, Cleanser & Conditioner


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Leather Renovation Repair Kit inc. Colour Restorer, Cleaner & Conditioner + cloth.

What leather is this renovation repair kit suitable for?

This leather renovation and repair kit is suitable for all leathers. The kit is an easy to use solution to help clean, condition and restore the brilliance of your leather designer handbags. This restoration kit will help to restore the colour of your designer leather handbags and worn leather.

This leather renovation kit is great for old leather, it works by re-colouring worn areas that may have been faded by direct heat or sunlight.

How to use the Leather Renovation Repair and Restoration Kit

  1. Pour a modest amount of the cleanser on the cloth or the sponge (both are provided in this kit), then rub this into the leather gently.
  2. Once the cleanser has been applied, let this air dry for around 10 minutes.
  3. Now apply the leather conditioner to the cloth and gently massage this into the leather in a circular motion. This will leave your designer leather handbag smelling new and factory fresh.
  4. Let the conditioner soak into the leather for approximately 10 minutes, and then buff out excess conditioner with the cleaning cloth in a gentle, circular motion.
  5. Apply some of the colour restorer by rubbing it gently into the leather with the soft cloth (supplied in the kit). Apply this in a circular motion to ensure it penetrates the leather well. This will help to restore the original colour of the worn areas of the handbag’s leather.

What is included in the Designer Handbag Leather Restoration Kit?

  1. Handbag Leather Cleanser (250ml)
  2. Leather Conditioner (250ml)
  3. Leather Colour Restorer (250ml)
  4. Cleaning cloth
  5. Cleaning sponge






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