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Where To Buy A Chanel Bag

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Are you wondering why Chanel does not sell their bags online? Since they simply don’t sell their bags online, it might leave you wondering where to buy a Chanel bag… Find out everything you need to know in this blog. In today’s technology and social media-driven society, we can buy almost anything we want with the touch of a button – or the smile on our faces – directly on our mobile phones – food, transportation, clothes, shoes, makeup, and even medication, can all be purchased online but not Chanel!

How and Where To Buy A Chanel Bag

As our world is changing and people are increasing their engagement with e-commerce, many businesses are beginning to take notice; and as a way to interact with their customers beyond brick-and-mortar stores, now offer an online shopping experience. In the beginning, luxury department stores and fashion houses were unwilling to have an online presence, feeling that online shopping removed the luxury experience that is had when shopping in an actual store.

Over time, this attitude has changed; and now, many luxury department stores and fashion houses have created online shopping platforms, including websites and apps. Items from Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Mulberry, Fendi, and even select items from Hermès are all available online.

chanel boutique chanel store

You will notice, though, that one major fashion house is missing from this list: Chanel. Despite Karl Lagerfeld – the creative director of Chanel until his death in 2019 – being a fan of technology and even giving his cat, Choupette, an iPad, the brand’s president, Bruno Pavlovsky, has never felt the need to have Chanel join the online world of shopping.(1) Pavlovsky feels that an in-store experience is better, as it provides customers with a level of service and care that is not had when shopping online.(1)

According to an article in Business of Fashion, Chanel is “one of the most desirable brands in the world.”(2) Not only is this true due to the history of the brand and its iconic designs, but Chanel’s air of exclusivity – such as extremely high price tags, limited availability of certain items/bags, and lack of e-commerce – also helps to make Chanel bags that much more covetable…we always want what we can’t have or that which is hard to get

Not everyone understands what it’s like to love luxury items; but here at HandbagHolic, we do! We get it! So, while you might not be able to purchase a Chanel bag online, we’re here to help you. Whether you are looking to buy your first Chanel bag or simply wondering where’s the best place to buy a Chanel bag, you’re in the right spot! For some purchasing inspiration watch our video to see the best Chanel bags that you can buy (in our expert opinion).

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Chanel Bag from?

If you’re entirely new to the world of Chanel bags – or just new to the world of purchasing Chanel bags – you’re probably wondering, “Where do they sell Chanel bags?” and “How do you purchase Chanel?” As mentioned above (and in previous blogs), Chanel does not participate in e-commerce. Therefore, the best place to buy a Chanel bag is from an authorized Chanel boutique. 

Benefits of Buying a Chanel Bag from the Boutique

There are several reasons that a Chanel boutique is the best place to buy a Chanel bag from. Firstly, you will not have to worry about the authenticity of the bag, as the bag is being purchased directly from the company. Secondly, you will be able to try on a variety of different sizes and styles of bags, as well as ask questions – in other words, you will be able to have the full luxury and customer service experience that Pavlovsky feels is lost when shopping online.

Lastly, if you wind up purchasing a bag, you will receive all of the perks of shopping at an official Chanel boutique: luxurious black and white packaging topped with a camellia flower, as well as automatic enrollment into the company’s 5-year warranty program, Chanel & moi.(3)

chanel boutique chanel wrapping

Can You Buy a Chanel Bag Online?

As mentioned, Chanel sadly does not engage in e-commerce, meaning that Chanel bags cannot be purchased online. However, while Chanel (the brand, itself) does not sell their bags online, you actually can buy a Chanel bag online

How to Buy a Chanel Bag Online

If you’re now wondering how to buy a Chanel bag online even though the brand does not sell them directly on its website, we have the answer: second-hand (i.e., the pre-loved and vintage market). Knowing that you can buy a Chanel bag online through the second-hand market, you’re probably asking yourself, “Where can I buy a Chanel bag online?” Through our many shopping adventures, we’ve found several great places to buy second-hand Chanel bags. 

chanel 19 flap bag

Where to Buy Second-Hand Chanel Bags

With respect to where to buy second-hand Chanel bags, we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy used Chanel bags:

While there are many other places (other than the above) where you can buy a Chanel bag, the above list contains the ones that we have found to be the best places to buy used Chanel bags, such that we’ve never encountered any issues. 

The shops on this list are either Entrupy certified(4) or use other authentication services to guarantee the authenticity of their products. 

And to be safe, you should always have your Chanel bags and pre-loved items authenticated by a third party to guarantee authenticity; and you can find authentication services here.

Benefits of Buying a Used Chanel Bag

Although buying a used Chanel bag is not the same as purchasing your bag directly from the boutique, there are benefits of buying your Chanel bag second-hand. Firstly, you will likely save a lot of money by purchasing a pre-loved or vintage item compared to buying your bag brand new from the boutique. Another benefit of buying a used Chanel bag is the access to hard-to-find items and bags from previous collections.

If you are looking for a specific item that is either sold out or from a previous season, you will have much better luck finding the bag that you are looking for on the second-hand market compared to the boutique. Third, by purchasing a bag via the pre-loved market, you can actually buy a Chanel bag online! And lastly, purchasing luxury items (or anything really) that are used is much better for the environment! 

chanel 19 flap bag buying a used Chanel bag
Photographed: Large Chanel 19 Black Tweed

Can I Buy a Chanel Bag Over the Phone?

Buying a Chanel bag over the phone seems like a great idea given that Chanel bags are not officially sold online. But, whether or not you can buy a Chanel bag over the phone depends on each client. If you are a Chanel client with a purchase history, then you will be able to make a purchase over the phone. However, if you have never made an in-store, in-person purchase at a Chanel boutique, then the Chanel sales associates will not sell you a Chanel bag over the phone. 

Where to Buy Cheap Chanel Bags

Unfortunately, Chanel and cheap do not go hand-in-hand (find out why Chanel bags are so expensive in this blog here). Chanel bags are well-crafted and highly sought-after items; and because Chanel is a luxury brand, most bags (and even shoes) cost thousands of dollars. However, if you are looking for a deal, then buying a used Chanel bag via the second-hand market is your best option. You might not be able to buy a cheap Chanel bag, but you can certainly save yourself some money!

Ready to Buy a Chanel Bag?

You now know that Chanel bags are not officially sold online, but can be purchased online via the second-hand market. So then, are you ready to buy a Chanel bag? If you are ready to buy a Chanel bag, but need help deciding which bag you should buy, check out our tips and things to avoid in our video below.

If you are ready to make a second-hand Chanel purchase be sure to check out ebay.


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