The Smallest Designer Bags in the World

Small designer bags appear to be the latest trend amongst influencers, celebrities, and customers alike. But this small bag trend appears to be reaching new levels of miniature with micro, minute and nano bags now becoming more and more popular as *very* small statement prices. In this blog, we’re going to look at 14 of the worlds’ smallest designer handbags available and try to uncover why they’re so popular since their practicality is questionable.

Why are Small Designer Bags So Popular?

Why have our designer bags been shrinking in size over the past few years? It appears that we’re moving away from practicality and more towards teeny, tiny statement pieces that spark the question ‘what could possibly fit inside?’.

There’s no doubt that anything in ‘miniature’ instantly induces coo’s, conversations, and adds to a product’s cuteness. This trend is hard-wired into human beings to look after and admire smaller people (babies), and that natural instinct seems to be spilling into the designer handbag market. We’ve seen popular styles of bags from Hermes and Louis Vuitton shrink, to some brands such as Jacquemus take the micro bag trend to the next level with ultra-tiny bags that wouldn’t be suitable to carry… well, anything, but they do score high on the ‘adorability’ scale.

Sometimes Miniature bags can be practical…

Whilst some bags are designed purely as an accessory more than a practical, working item, sometimes a smaller bag can be useful. With pouches and miniature wallets being pair with longer chains, it means when the occasion calls for it we can ditch the shoulder-breaking mass that is our designer bags and opt for a light-weight, no-frills option to lighten the load. A tiny bag makes you prioritise your most essential items (since you’ll have no choice), allowing you to literally relieve yourself of unnecessary baggage and add the cute-factor to your outfit. Win-Win.

11 of The Worlds Smallest Designer Bags Video

Watch one of our latest videos on YouTube featuring 11 of the worlds smallest designer bags. From Dolce and Gabbana to Jacquemus’s micro bags, don’t forget to comment your favourite teeny tiny bag.

The Smallest Designer Bags in the World

So, you’re curious as to what the smallest designer bags are in the world that you can buy? Below we’ve pulled together a list featuring some of the smallest designer bags in the world to get you inspired.

1. Louis Vuitton Tiny Backpack Palm Springs Bracelet

If you’re in search of the smallest backpack bag in the world, then you don’t need to look much further than the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs party bracelet bag. It’s so small that it has had to be marketed to customers as a bracelet, not a bag. With first-hand experience of this bag having owned one, I can confirm, it’s incredibly small.

This teeny-tiny designer ‘bag’ is a miniature version of the brand’s Palm Springs mini backpack (which is much more practical), but the scale of this bag makes it incredibly cute. With a functioning zip, this small bag is suitable for cash (not cards), and air pods only.

Louis Vuitton Tiny Palm Springs Mini Backpack Bag Party Bracelet
Louis Vuitton Smallest Designer Backpack

The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Party Bracelet Bag:

Price: £500 / $790* RRP
L 8 x H 7 x W 4 cm/L 3.2 x H 2.8 x W 1.6 inches
Material: Monogram Canvas
Fits Inside: Cash or AirPods in case
Features: Functioning zip and leather strap that can be worn on the wrist, arm, or around jean belt loops.

2. Louis Vuitton Bumbag Party Bracelet

Alongside the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Bracelet, the brand also launched its smallest designer bumbag ever. Who said bumbags needed to be worn around the waist? Now you can wear a miniature version on your wrist.

Perfect for keeping your tiny items safe on your wrist, this bumbag is the smallest designer bumbag we’ve ever seen. Again, due to the micro size of this bumbag, it has been marketed to the public as a bracelet to be worn on your wrist, arm, or through jean belt loops.

Louis Vuitton Minature BumBag Bag as Bracelet

The Louis Vuitton Bumbag Party Bracelet Bag:

Price: £500 / $790*
10.24 inches wide
Material: Monogram Canvas
Fits Inside: Cash / small key
Features: Functioning zip and leather strap that can be worn on the wrist, arm, or around jean belt loops.

3. Jacquemus Le petit Chiquito Mini Top Handle Bag

If you’re looking for a statement piece with miniature measurements, look no further than the Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito mini top handle bag. This bag is the smallest top handle bag we could find, so small in fact, that the closure is a small press-stud since no other closure would fit.

This tiny designer bag comes with a cross-body strap so you can wear the tiny piece across your body without the worry of losing it. Whilst it won’t help you carry much, we’re sure it definitely will start some conversations.

Tiny Top Handle Bag by Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito Mini

The Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito Mini Top Handle Bag:

Price: £205*
Height 4.5cm, width 5.5cm, depth 2.5cm, strap drop 51cm
Material: Leather and Suede
Fits Inside: Cash
Features: Top handle and cross-body strap

4. Jacquemus Le Micro Vanity Shoulder Bag

If you don’t want to leave your vanity case at home, you don’t have to with the Jacquemus Le Micro Vanity shoulder bag, although, you’ll have to leave your makeup at home. This bag is of the tiniest proportions and is only suitable for miniature perfume samples and lipsticks. This super cute, tiny cross-body bag is light-weight and perfect for leaving excess at home.

The worlds smallest designer vanity case bag by Jacquemus
tiny black vanity case bag by Jacquemus

The Jacquemus Le Micro Vanity Shoulder Bag:

Price: £180 / $310*
Depth 7cm / 2.7 inches. Height 8cm / 3.1 inches. Strap length 59cm / 23 inches.
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Cash / miniature perfumes and lipsticks
Features: long cross-body strap. Gold hardware.

5. Dior Saddle Nano Pouch

We love the classic Dior saddlebag with its elegantly curved lined and hardware – but this nano pouch takes the bag to a new level of adorable. This Dior nano saddle pouch is perfect for small essentials only, but it wide enough to accommodate cash AND cards. Effectively a coin purse, you don’t need to leave this super cute pouch tucked away in your bag, instead, you can wear it with the long gold chain.

Mini Dior saddle pouch

The Tiny Dior Saddle Nano Pouch:

Price: £510 / $610*
12.5 x 8 x 3.5 cm
Material: Leather and Blue Dior Oblique jacquard Canvas
Fits Inside: Cash and Cards
Features: long cross-body strap. Loops at the back that can attach to a belt.

6. Gucci Zumi Chain Wallet

Forget your normal-sized bag, we love the Gucci Zumi chain wallet. This tiny designer bag comes with a short chain strap to be carried and matched to your outfit. The Zumi is definitely wallet-meets-bag-esque and with its tiny proportions can only carry cash essentials. We like the Zumi chain wallet for its card slots and tiny zip compartment inside to keep your cash safe.

Small Gucci Chain Wallet designer bag

The Gucci Zumi Chain Wallet

Price: £405 / $595*
H8.5cm x W11cm x D3cm approx.
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Cash and Cards
Features: Short-chain suitable to hold.

7. MCM Visetos Micro Backpack

If you’re looking for a micro backpack, the MCM Visetos backpack is a clear front-runner. Whilst we looked at the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Party Bracelet backpack earlier, this backpack comes better equipped for different ways of being worn. Whilst the tiny Louis Vuitton backpack comes with a wrist / arm strap, the MCM Visetos comes with a keycharm, keyring and longer strap which can turn the bag into a cross-body or necklace bag. At nearly £200 cheaper than its Louis Vuitton counter part, this is a great investment when it comes to the miniature designer bag trend.

Tiny Designer Backpack bag by MCM

The MCM Visetos Micro Backpack Bag:

Price: £285 / $311*
H10cm x W7cm x D3.5cm approx.
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature products.
Features: Keyring to use as key charm and longer leather straps to use as a cross-body bag or necklace.

8. 16Arlington – Ralphie Mini Satin Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for a classy, pill-box style bag for a classy evening out, look no further than the 16Arlington Ralphie Mini Satin shoulder bag. Available in multiple colours, this bag is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet big enough to carry more essentials than some of the other smallest designer bags we’ve seen so far.

We love the Ralphie bag for the large gold chunky chain detail, and detachable shoulder strap so it can be worn multiple ways.

Nano size 16Arlington satin shoulder bag with gold chain

The 16Arlington Ralphie Mini Satin Shoulder Bag:

Price: £377 / $475*
Depth 6cm / 2.3 inches. Height 7cm / 2.7 inches. Width 9cm / 3.5 inches.
Material: Satin
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature products.
Features: Chunky gold chain detail. Detachable longer shoulder/crossbody strap.

9. Balenciaga Cash Mini Wallet on Chain

With three credit card slots and one bill compartment, this small Balenciaga cash mini wallet is a no-frills statement piece of the smallest proportions. If you don’t need to carry anything other than cash and cards in your bag, this tiny wallet on chain will go with so many outfits and add a touch of ‘Balenciaga’ boldness to your look.

Tiny Balenciaga cash mini wallet on crossbody chain

The Balenciaga Wallet on Chain Logo Bag:

Price: £350 / $*
W 3.9 inches H 3.1 inches D 2.0 inches
Material: Grained Calfskin
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature products.
Features: Detachable shoulder / crossbody strap

10. Chanel Mini Belt Bag

The Chanel mini belt bag encompasses and oozes classic Chanel vibes and is a favorite of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid. Whilst you can’t carry much in this ‘belt bag’ other than folded notes and a few coins, its super-small cuteness isn’t lost on us. Featuring the classic woven chain and CC logo, this belt bag is designed to be attached to a belt and would make a perfect companion for occasions when you want to reduce weight and remain hands-free.

the worlds smallest chanel bag the mini belt bag in black leather

The Chanel Mini Belt Bag:

Price: Pre-loved only.
Height 3.25″ / Width 3.5″ / Depth 1.25″ (inches)
Material: Various Leathers
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature products.
Features: Woven chain Strap to attach to a belt.

11. Fendi – Pico Baguette Charm

Looking to make a mini-statement with your evening outfit? This adorable Fendi Pico Baguette Charm bag is both glamorous and tiny. Featuring glass bead detail and a calf leather interior, this little number is flashy and a conversation starter. Add a pop of colour and sparkle to any outfit with this micro Fendi baguette charm bag.

Tiny Fendi Pico baguette charm crossbody bag

The Micro Fendi Pico Baguette Charm Bag:

Price: £490 / $750
Height 6.5 cm / 2.6″. Depth 6.5cm / 2.6″
Material: Glass and Calf Leather.
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature products.
Features: Detachable Shoulder Chain Strap

12. Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

No designer handbag list is complete without a Hermes feature. Hermes is one of the most expensive and luxurious designer bag brands in the world, and they’ve also fallen for the small designer bag trend by reducing the legendary Kelly bag’s dimensions. The Mini Hermes Kelly bag is slightly bigger than other small designer bags that we’ve looked at, but this small bag is SO desirable due to it becoming even more adorable with smaller proportions. If you’re lucky enough to own a micro Hermes Kelly bag, flaunt her with all your might.

Hermes smallest designer bag the mini kelly

The Mini Hermes Kelly Bag:

Price: UNKNOWN. Pre-loved £15,000+/ $15,000 +
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Calf Leather
Features: Top-handle.

13. Fendi Micro Peekaboo Bag

Finally, we’ll end this comparison on the Fendi Peekaboo bag. Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first top high-fashion designers to spot the micro bag trend and made the decision in 2015 to shrink the popular Fendi Peekaboo bag to micro proportions. This bag has seen huge success for Fendi, which is directly related to how ‘Hermes Kelly’ looking it is but at a much more reasonable price point. However, the micro version of the Peekaboo bag is so popular it’s often sold out. We love that the micro peekaboo bag has a detachable cross-body / shoulder strap and even with tiny proportions, it looks classic as ever.

The Fendi Micro Peekaboo Bag:

Fendi micro peekaboo crossbody bag

Price: £970 / $ 1550*
Depth 5cm / 2.1″. Height 11cm / 4.3″. Width 16cm / 6.2″
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Calf Leather
Features: Top handle and Detachable Shoulder / Cross-body strap.

14. Dolce and Gabbana Devotion Micro Bag

One of the more glamorous and detailed micro bags is the Dolce and Gabbana Devotion bag. This bag comes in multiple sizes, with the micro size being impossibly cute and small. Available in red and white leather, this bag features a stunning D&G heart logo on the front complete with imitation pearls. We love this bags size and amazing detail, considering its incredibly small size.

Dolce and Gabbana micro devotion tiny crossbody bag

The Dolce and Gabbana Devotion Micro Bag:

Price: £575 / $745*
Material: Leather
Fits Inside: Cash and miniature toiletries
Features: Top-handle and chain crossbody strap.

The Smallest Designer Backpack Bags in the world

The smallest designer backpacks in the world are the border-line bracelet / key charm examples above from Louis Vuitton and MCM. The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Party Bracelet is a micro backpack-style bag retailing at £500. The MCM Visetos Micro Backpack Bag however, is more practicle with an additional cross-body strap and key charm ring.

If you’re looking for a small backpack that ban actually function has a bag, however, both Louis Vuitton and MCM have a larger version of these micro backpacks.

The Smallest Crossbody bags in the world

When it comes to the smallest designer crossbody bags in the world, Jacquemus is the brand leading the way. Jacquemus is making a name for itself in the designer handbag industry as creating come of the smallest designer bags available, with most featuring a crossbody strap.

Our second favourite tiny crossbody bag that isn’t a ‘wallet on chain’ style is the Dolce and Gabbana Devotion micro bag. This bag has so much detailing considering its tiny size and really does look like a small crossbody bag.

White dolce and gabbana devotion micro crossbody bag

Are Tiny Designer Handbags a Good Investment?

Whilst tiny bags do have an appeal that larger ones simply can’t achieve, there’s still no denying the lack of practicality a tiny bag has. They’re more an accessory, similar to the purpose of jewlellery, than having the usefulness of a normal sized bag.

Due to this, some smaller versions of bags, that can still function as a bag are very popular and make great investments as they’re highly desired. However, micro and nano bags are an acquired taste as most people can’t or won’t justify the high cost of a tiny designer bag that can’t accommodate something as small as a credit card. If you’re planning to invest in a micro-sized bag, make sure you love it and don’t mind taking a hit on the re-sale price.

Slightly larger mini bags such as the Hermes Kelly Mini and Fendi Peekaboo (which can accommodate cards and a small mobile phone), however, will hold their value well and in the Hermes case, often fetch far beyond retail price due to their desirability and rarity.

Where to buy the Smallest Designer Bags

If you’re sold on a new tiny designer bag, whether it’s micro, miniature, minute or nano, where to buy one depends on what brand and style you’re looking for.

To shop new designer bags, discover FarFetch.

To buy pre-loved designer bags that are rare or sold out, eBay is the best please to purchase a small designer bag.

*All prices correct as of June 2020.

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