Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica Vs Authentic Bag Comparison

The Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag

The Louis Vuitton Artsy bag is a classic style of Louis Vuitton bag that features hobo-chic inspired styling. Its slouchy shape with plaited handle detailing makes it an ultra-roomy, less structured bag which can be used for lots of little and still look great on the crook of the arm, or on the shoulder.

In the UK the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag retails at £1390 for the monogram version and £2,200 for the Empreinte embossed leather version.

Authentic Artsy Bag Pricing

Discover the current Artsy bag collection available via Louis Vuitton (correct as of January 2020)

Artsy Bag ImageStyleStyle CodePrice in £Price in $
louis vuitton artsy bag monogram icon handbagholic 200x200pxArtsy MM Monogram Empreinte embossed leatherM43237£2200$3200
louis vuitton artsy bag monogram icon handbagholic 200x200pxArtsy Monogram Canvas MMM44869£1390$2000
louis vuitton artsy bag monogram canvas icon handbagholic 200x200px damier azur canvasBorsa Artsy MM Damier Azur N40253£1390$2000

How to tell if your Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag is Real or Fake

If you’re looking to purchase or have purchased a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag you want to make sure you’ve done your correct due-diligence to avoid paying for a fake Artsy bag. Watch our video below to help you to identify if the bag you have is in-line with the authentic bag. We advise always using a reputable authentication service for a small amount of money for experts to check your handbag.

Detailed Images of Fake Vs Real LV Artsy Bag

After closely examining the real and fake Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, we’ve taken some images to help you identify a real and replica Artsy bag. Remember, if the price you paid for the bag is too good to be true, it probably is. The workmanship on an authentic Louis Vuitton should be of extremely high quality. We hope the images below help you if you’re trying to authenticate your own Louis Vuitton Artsy bag.

Real Vs Fake Artsy Bag Monogram Details

Looking at the real and replica Artsy bags, the leather material feels different to the touch. The replica bag feels much more ‘plastic’ like and isn’t as supple as the authentic bag made from real leather. The colour on the replica bag is also fading in areas to a white colour, and the embossing looks fairly deep all over. The embossing on the authentic bag is not fading and has varying degrees of deepness around the bag due to the leather being a softer fabric.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte embossed leather Artsy Bag Real Vs Fake comparison
Monogram Empreinte embossed leather fake vs real

Real vs Fake Artsy bag Handle Details

When comparing the handles and hardware on these two bags it becomes very apparent which bag is the fake. This is due to the fake not being able to replicate the intricate and detailed workmanship of an authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy bag.

The braiding on the handle stands too high on the fake bag whilst also featuring grey edging. The leather surrounding the loop isn’t close to the gold hardware. All of this braiding is much more flush and quality on the authentic bag.

Braiding detail on a fake Vs authentic Artsy bag
Handle side detail of a fake Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag Vs Authentic
Hardware details on Fake Vs Real Artsy Bag

Artsy Bottom of Bag Fake Vs Real Details

Looking at the bottom of these two Artsy bags the replica falls down with its alignment of the print. On an authentic bag the LV logo should be centred, and never cut into by the stitching.

The bottom studs of the bag are also a giveaway. The fake bags’ studs are too high and aren’t as flush to the fabric. The gold hardware on the fake bag is also more pale gold, it is darker and richer on the real bag.

Bottom of fake and real Louis Vuitton Artsy bag
Studs on bottom of Artsy bag fake vs real

Real Vs Fake Artsy Bag Keychain Detail

The main differences in the key chain attached to the Artsy bag are the leather strap. The strap is too wide on the fake bag, and the stitching doesn’t match very well and is not as neat as the authentic bag. The Louis Vuitton logo is also printed too large on the clipper hardware, and as you can see the hardware detail is inferior to the authentic bags.

Artsy Bag Real Vs Fake Lining Detail

The authentic Artsy bag features a navy lined lining with three pockets and a zipper compartment. Whilst this is the same on the fake bag, the zipper colour doesn’t match the lining of the bag.

Left – Replica | Right – Authentic

Artsy Bag Real Vs Replica Zipper Detail

The fake bag lacks a leather tab on the end of the zipper and also features a zipper colour which does not match the lining of the bag. The authentic bag’s zipper features a dark navy zipper colour to match the bag.

Detailed image of Louis Vuitton Artsy fake and authentic internal zipper compartment
Detailed image of Artsy fake and authentic internal zipper compartment
Left – Replica | Right – Authentic

Artsy Bag Made In Stamp Comparison

Here you can see the incredibly bad ‘made in’ stamp featured inside the fake bag. An authentic ‘made in’ stamp on the Artsy bag should be on a leather tab (matching the outside), and the writing should be embossed and perfectly neat.

Fake vs real Louis Vuitton ‘made in’ stamp.
Left – Replica | Right – Authentic

How to check the date code in your Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag

One of the key ways to check if any Louis Vuitton designer handbag is authentic is to reference the date stamp inside the handbag. The date stamp inside the bag should correlate with the ‘Made in’ stamp, and tells you when the bag was made. Whilst a Louis Vuitton date stamp inside a bag isn’t the only thing you should look at to authenticate a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, (due to the date the stamps aren’t unique to each bag), it can be a good indication as to whether the bag in question is authentic.

In the Artsy bag, the date stamp can either be embossed into the leather inside one of the internal pockets, or it can be featured on a leather tab inside the zipper compartment of the bag. This will depend on the date and style of the Artsy bag you have.

Replica Vs Real Artsy Bag Date Code Comparison

As you can see in the images below, the date code tab inside the fake Louis Vuitton Artsy bag is far too big, the date code isn’t properly aligned and it’s not perfectly straight.

Left – Replica | Right – Authentic Artsy Bag Stamp

To find out more about what Louis Vuitton date codes mean and to use our FREE Date Code checker, simply visit our Louis Vuitton Date Code Checker page here.

Why you should buy an authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag not a Replica

Here at Handbagholic we strongly believe if you’re looking for a designer handbag it’s worth buying authentic. If retail prices are too high, there are so many incredible bags available via reputable resellers (such as ourselves), which can be much more budget-friendly.

Replica and fake designer handbags, such as this Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica featured in our images and video are illegal to sell. These bags are made from inferior materials, suffer from lack of craftsmanship and are easily spotted by the trained eye. A designer handbag can hold its value and offer you a quality piece to love for many, many years. If you do decide to part with an authentic designer handbag one day, the chances are you’ll get some of your money back (if not all, or more on some occasions!). You cannot and should not resell replica or fake designer handbags.

Remember, replica bags are trademark infringements and help to support crime around the world including drugs and human trafficking. Please do not support this industry.

Where to buy an Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag

If you’re in love with the Artsy bags’ slouchy style and stunning looks like we are if you’re looking to buy a pre-loved bag make sure you purchase your Artsy bag from a reputable seller. Here at Handbagholic we only sell Authentic designer handbags, shop our current range of Louis Vuitton bags here.

Whilst we can’t always guarantee to be selling a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, check out a wide range of bags on eBay and be sure to use our key pointers to ensure the bag you’re buying is authentic. Happy shopping!

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