Brasso Liquid Brass Metal Cleaner for Louis Vuitton Restoration 175ml


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Brasso Liquid Brass Cleaner for Louis Vuitton Trunk and Bag Restoration

If you’re the lucky owner of a Louis Vuitton vintage item such as a vanity trunk or designer handbag, it may well feature some brass hardware. Brass overtime becomes full and can completely lose its gold shine. We have first-hand experience working with Brasso liquid metal polish on Louis Vuitton vintage trunks and the results are nothing less than incredible.

What can this brass cleaner be used on?

This brass cleaner can be used on not just brass, but other metals such as copper, pewter, and chrome. We advise always double checking what your designer handbag or item is made from before using this item.

Brasso Liquid Brass Cleaner Key Features

  1. Longer lasting shine
  2. It can be used on multiple metals including brass, copper, pewter, and chrome.


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