How Much Do Hermes Sales Associates Earn

How Much Do Hermès Sales Associates Earn? THE TRUTH

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The infamous Hermès experience begins with the flawlessly crafted handbags and ends in the boutiques, supported by the invaluable knowledge from the sales associates. So, how much do Hermès sales associates earn? Renowned for being one of the world leaders in luxury fashion, Hermès entire shopping experience has been designed to be completely seamless and memorable. Purchasing any of the beautiful products at Hermès remains a true luxury experience and thats due to the luxurious handbags and helpful associates.

Hermes Store
Hermès Store

The ever-so-iconic Hermès journey is nothing without the hard work and experience of their incredible employees. Therefore as a lover of all things luxury, you may find yourself curious as to how much your Hermès sales associate may earn. Initially, when you think of luxury brands such as Hermès, you may think of high-priced handbags and therefore enormous global profits.

So how much do Hermès sales associates make? There are numerous departments within Hermès, which include homeware, beauty, and ready-to-wear. Therefore employees in these different departments may have slightly different salaries. In the US, the average Hermès sales assistant can earn $36,000 to $44,000 annually. In the US, the average salary for a Hermès salesperson is 40% higher than the national average sales associate salary.  

How much commission do Hermès sales associates get?

Hermes Kelly black
Hermès Kelly Bag

Much like many other luxury high-end brands, Hermès offers its sales associates commission. On average, employees at Hermès gain from a pooled commission rate of 1% and up to 3% individual commission on specific departments. The highest commission rate of 3% tends to be on sales of footwear, jewelry, and homeware. 

Although some may argue that Hermès bags quite simply sell themselves, you may be wondering if your sales associate gains any commission for these sales. Do Hermès sales associates get a commission on bags? Commission can only be accrued on sales of non-quota handbags. The rate of commission for these bags is approximately 1.5%. These non-quota bags include the Herbag, Evelyne, and Picotin Lock. 

Do Hermès employees get a commission for Birkin bag sales? Due to their exclusivity and demand, Hermès do not offer their sales assistants commission for the sale of Birkin bags. All Hermès quota bags are excluded from the commission scheme, including the Kelly (and in some locations the Constance); sales associates do not gain any commission from selling these iconic bags. See our Full list of Hermès bags 2024 (coming soon).

All sales associates within the boutiques at Hermès will have individual sales goals for the year. Unfortunately, the commission is only based on in-boutique sales, and therefore your sales associates do not gain any bonuses from online sales. 

The pooled commission at Hermès was applied in order to ensure things don’t get too competitive between employees, and therefore the majority of the commission is equally shared. This added bonus of commission can really raise a final paycheck. 

How much does Hermès pay per hour?

Hermes Lindy Green
Hermès Lindy Green Bag

Similarly to many other luxury fashion houses, Hermès has a variable hourly pay rate. This varies depending on the location of the boutique, job role, length of service, and level of responsibility. 

On average, those located in the UK are paid approximately £15 to £17 per hour in a sales assistant role. Whilst those working in the US Hermès boutiques, can on average expect to be paid $17 to $21 per hour in the same role. 

All employees within the Hermès sales departments are also entitled to the pooled and individual commission schemes. All sales associates are entitled to be paid commission regardless of their experience, and this is implemented within boutiques across the world. 

How much do Hermès employees make in the UK?

Hermes Kelly Small Brown
Hermès Small Kelly Bag

Although we have discussed what Hermès employees earn in the US, have you ever wondered how much your London sales assistant is earning? 

Hermès employees in the UK are earning approximately £24,000 per annum to £34,000. On average sales assistants in London are paid £32,000 prior to any additional bonus and commission schemes. Obviously, this figure can range quite significantly depending on experience and length of service; some sales associates can earn beyond £34,000 per year excluding commission. 

In contrast to those working at Chanel in the UK, the average salary for a sales associate at Hermès is significantly higher. Are you keen to know how much Chanel employees make? Check out our blog post to find out how much Chanel sales associates earn here.

How much do Hermès employees make in Dubai?

Hermes Store Inside Doha
Hermès Store

On average in Dubai, Hermès sales associates are earning approximately AED 40,000 per annum prior to any commission. This equates to AED 3,333 per month, which is slightly higher than the average pay for a sales associate in the UAE. 

The same commission and bonus rules apply to any Hermès sales assistant across the world.

Is Hermès a good company to work for?

Hermes Kelly Fuschia
Hermès Kelly Bag

Of course, there are pros and cons to any job role. However, when it comes to working in a high-end luxury environment such as Hermès, there are slightly higher expectations, especially when it comes to salaries. Although sales associates at Hermès have a fairly average salary in terms of luxury sales. Due to the commission scheme and bonuses, employees tend to recoup what they may be missing out on in their base pay. 

Generally speaking, Hermès is a fantastic company to work for. Hermès prides itself on impeccable craftsmanship and an amazing in-store experience. Therefore all employees of the brand are extremely knowledgeable, and consistently trained in order to provide the best service possible. 

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