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Designer Handbag Liner to Protect Your Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires

A handbag liner is a must when you’ve purchased a Pochette Accessoires. Not only do handbag liners protect the inside of your handbag and its’ lining, but they also help to organise your bag (gone are the days you can’t find your car keys), and they help your bag to hold its structure and look great.


Pochette Accessoires Handbag Liner Colours Available

This luxury Pochette Accessoires bag insert is made in England and made from felt. There are many different colours to choose from, so you can pick the colour that best matches your handbag or colour that you prefer.

  • Black Knight
  • Classic Oxblood
  • Hot Magenta
  • Midnight Blue
  • Beige Nude Teddy  (perfect for beige linings)
  • Rioja Red (Dark Red)
  • Scarlett Red  (perfect for cherry red linings)
  • Treacle Toffee
  • Whisper Pink  (perfect for Rose Ballerine linings)
  • Mouse Grey

Why Buying a Handbag Liner is a Great Investment

Here at Handbagholic, we believe designer handbags aren’t just a great bag – they’re investments. Therefore, when spending your hard-earned money on a handbag it’s paramount you protect and preserve your amazing new designer bag. This Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires liner is a small but incredible investment to prolong the life of your bag. Handbag liners help to:

  • Keep your bags structure so it looks great whilst in use
  • Protect the lining of your handbag from unwanted stains (e.g. makeup, pen marks)
  • Keep your belongings secure and organised
  • Help to increase the resale value of your designer handbag if you decide to part with it one day.

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