Chanel WOC Wallet On Chain Bag Clear Hardware Protectors


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Chanel WOC Wallet On Chain Bag Hardware Protectors to Prevent Scratches

Protect your new Chanel Wallet on Chain bag’s hardware with these amazing clear protectors. They’re simple to put on the hardware of your Chanel WOC bag and will help to stop the hardware scratching and keep it looking newer for longer.

This durable set of Chanel WOC hardware protectors are clear in colour and are hardly noticeable once positioned on the hardware of the handbag.

Chanel WOC Hardware Protectors Come with

  • Placement Tabs
  • Three hardware protectors to protect the front CC

The Benefits of Using Handbag Hardware Protectors

  • Ensure the hardware on your bag remains looking new & free from damage
  • Increase your designer handbags resale value with hardware looking newer with fewer scratches.
  • These protectors are fully removable, non-permanent


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