Chanel Wallet On Chain WOC Base Shaper


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Chanel WOC Wallet on Chain Base Shaper

Avoid distorting the shape of your Chanel wallet on chain (WOC) bags with a base shaper. The Base Shaper is made of felt with a thin plastic liner inside to maintain shape without adding bulk. Such a small price to pay to keep your Chanel WOC bags in great condition.

Chanel WOC Base Shaper Colours Available

Available colours for the Chanel WOC Base shaper:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Beige

A base shaper will help to retain your bag’s structure making sure it looks as amazing as it did when you purchased it.

This useful accessory is suitable for all Chanel Wallet on Chain variations, including:

Chanel Wallet on Chain, Chanel Classic Wallet on Chain, Chanel 2.55 Wallet on Chain, Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain, Chanel 19 Wallet On Chain, Chanel Trendy CC Wallet on Chain.

Why a Base Shaper is a Great Investment

Here at Handbagholic, we believe designer handbags aren’t just a great bag – they’re investments. Therefore, when spending your hard-earned money on a handbag it’s paramount you protect and preserve your amazing new designer bag. This Chanel WOC Base Shaper is a small but incredible investment to prolong the life of your bag. Base Shapers help to:

  • Keep your bags structure so it looks great whilst in use
  • Help to increase the resale value of your designer handbag if you decide to part with it one day.
  • Increases the amount of space in your bag.
  • Prevent keys and pens from marking the sides


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