Sell Designer Handbags

Are you interested in selling your designer handbags and accessories? We can help!

  • Sell your designer handbags and accessories hassle free, there’s no need to take photographs or write descriptions!
  • Have you item listed in multiple places to increase the chances of sale, all managed by Handbagholic.
  • Have your item officially authenticated ready for sale.
  • Get regular updates on progress.
  • Funds will be issued 14 days after a successful sale – Simple!

How Handbagholic’s Consignment Service Works

  1. Simply fill out the form below outlining what it is you’re looking to sell. Authentic items only. All items will be officially authenticated by handbagholic and Authenticate 4 u.
  2. We will contact you to agree on things like minimum price you’d like to achieve on the handbag (after fees). If this is fair and likely to be achieved based on the current market, we will request the handbag is sent to Handbagholic (based in the UK) for further inspection.
  3. Post your handbag to Handbagholic. (You are responsible for these postage costs, and responsible for the handbag until it reaches us). We strongly advise you use an insured delivery service. If the handbag is worth more than £2,000 we may be able to arrange direct collection (if based in the UK) at your cost if you prefer.
  4. We inspect the item and ensure all marketing collateral is created (images, videos, descriptions etc.)
  5. We list the handbag on our website, and use other channels to help sell the item for the desired price.
  6. Will I get my handbag back whilst it’s being sold? We advise that we keep the handbag on our premises until it is sold. This enables us to ensure the quality of the handbag remains the same as advertised, and that we can fulfil orders quickly and promptly for customers.
  7. Once sold, we ship the item directly to the customer.
  8. After 14 days, (providing the customer has not requested a return) you will be sent money from the sale via Paypal or an agreed payment method.

What happens if my handbag doesn’t sell?

We will discuss with you ways to help sell an item, including reducing the cost. If you feel you’d prefer your item back, we will send this back to you at your cost (this cost must be pre-paid). You can choose to stop the sale of an item at any point until the item is sold. The original consignment fee is non-refundable if you stop the sale.

Consignment Service Fees

There is a flat £20 fee for all consignments up to the value of £2,000. For handbags valued over £2,000 there is a flat consignment fee of £50 payable on our receipt of the handbag. This fee is non-refundable whether the item is sold or not and payable before we receive the handbag for consignment.

On all sales we charge 10% of the final price (before fees and delivery costs). For example:

If you have a handbag which sells for £1,000…

Consignment Service Flat Fee – £20
10% Final Sale Fee – £100
Paypal / additional sale fees – approx 4-10% (this will vary) – 4% = £40
Postage to customer – £30 (this will vary)

TOTAL amount owed to you: £810

Will Handbagholic buy my designer handbag for a quick sale?

If you would prefer to sell your item directly to Handbagholic please contact us via [email protected] We will on occasions purchase handbags directly from you if you would prefer a quick sale. We cannot guarantee we will purchase any items from you.

We can’t wait to work with you! How to get started selling with Handbagholic…

Fill out the form below to tell us details about your handbag or other luxury items. We will be in touch within 48 hours.

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